The students are eager to get started and we are excited – (Esmeralda Marra)

When there are only 3 minutes left before the start of the 23/24 academic year at Xinzang Conservatory of Music, we want to know what that moment is like from the old dean of the college. esmeralda marrawhich she gladly accepted, although she was in a bit of a hurry, checking her papers and waiting for the first students to come through.

I start the course

First, it conveys to us the satisfaction level of all teachers, as enrollment increases year by year from the bottom up. This year we have more than 20 students in one class. This year they have a total of 130 registrants. Additionally, we would like to announce that enrollment in the Music Movement and Music Introductory courses is currently open to children as young as 6 years old.

I start the course

Little time to organize

The course starts very quickly as it doesn’t take much time to prepare for everything that is going to happen in this course.The only thing that took us time to do was the registration papers, making the groups and rosters, now that we are moving forward and the classes have started we will be doing the general planning of the classes and not just related to extracurricular activities, concerts etc.


I start the course

According to the needs, in addition to “Toast to the Sun”, the director also asked for an auditorium, but most importantly he asked for the second floor of the greenhouse. When the building was destroyed, it was discovered that a floor was missing, which she claimed was necessary.

A piano with URXENCE

I start the course

emerald Seriously ask for, yes or yes, another piano at this point. We have spent many years on this piano and we desperately need another one.. Required to all municipal and regional authorities. Continuing to ask, it’s the first day of classes, it would be great if there are other majors in Xinzo’s CMUS (percussion in this case).They’re greedy, greedy kids and they’re about to do just that percussion at the Bagpipe School and the AgrupaciĆ³n Music School, but Xinzo needs percussion But return.

I start the course
I start course 0111
I start course 0051

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