The surname linked to Boca that rang in River: “It would be a pride”

It is a surname that, by history, is closely linked with Boca Juniors. Appoint Mac Allister is to remember Carlos, former defender of Xeneize, although there is one of Colorado’s soccer sons who avoided getting into color disputes … Who is it?

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From Kevin, the right back and captain of Argentinos Juniors, whose name was circling on the radar of River although “No one contacted me yet”, assured the 24-year-old (he fulfilled them on November 7). And in this sense, the Bicho’s own defender expressed -in a talk with Como Te Va- that “Reading Mac Allister and River in the same sentence may sound a bit strange, so my old man is identified with Boca.”

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Kevin Mac Allister celebrates with Argentinos.  Photo: Jorge Junes.

Kevin Mac Allister celebrates with Argentinos. Photo: Jorge Junes.

While he trusted that for the moment there were no contacts from the CARP thinking about the next pass market, the former Boca player (he was on loan during 2019 and played two games) already expressed his position in case of a negotiation possibility (he is also in the orbit of Racing).

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“Anyway, if it were real it would be an illusion to wear that shirt because they have been the best for a long time and you always want to belong to the best. With River one only has words of admiration for what he has been doing year after year, “he said, openly, expressing his like to the football team’s proposal. Gallant.

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Kevin faced River in the Libertadores round of 16.  EFE.

Kevin faced River in the Libertadores round of 16. EFE.

Fully immersed in the closing of 2021 with the Bug, who fights for the classification to the South American Cup In the general table, the fact that his name begins to sound in important clubs in our country is due to his great present. “I had proof of the technical support. Gabriel (Milito) gave me the confidence I needed, he was key and found me a position in which I felt comfortable throughout the year. Without a doubt this is my best season “, Hill.

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