The surrender nazi who is commemorated in Catalonia and in Europe, but not in Spain


The Catalan Parliament has commemorated today the 75th anniversary of the surrender of the nazis in the Second World War, in a ceremony in which participated the president of the chamber, Roger Torrent, and the representatives of parliamentary groups. It is a ceremony in the same sense that is celebrated in most european countries, and that, oddly enough, do not have institutionalized neither the Government nor the Spanish Congress.

The event in Barcelona has been celebrated for decades before the statue of Josep Clarà dedicated volunteers catalans in the two World Wars, located on the side of the seat of the Parliament, in the parc de la Ciutadella. In the today have been attended by members of JxCAT, ERC and PSC.

In Germany, the day today is a day of celebration, and is a public holiday in places such as Berlin. In the German capital, chancellor Angela Merkel has presided over a ceremony recalling the “liberation from national socialism and the end of the Second World War”. They have assisted also the president of the country, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and the presidents of the two legislative chambers, as well as the Constitutional.

Steinmeier has stated categorically during the ceremony, broadcast by television, which “the 8 of may of 1945 was the end of the nazi dictatorship, the end of nights and bombs and death marches, of German crimes unprecedented and the” bankruptcy of the civilization that was the Holocaust.

In Paris, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has celebrated the day by making a floral offering before the monument to general De Gaulle, and with an institutional ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe. What have you experienced as a “commemoration of victory” on the German nazis, who had occupied France.

In Britain, the prime minister, Boris Johnson, has chosen to make an institutional statement. And yesterday there was a lighting of candles in Westminster abbey, at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Johnson has claimed that Britain and its allies “saved you the freedom not just here, but everywhere”, in the Second World War, and was the only european country that fought against nazism, without which they could occupy it.

The british ministry of Defense has concluded with the sound of a gaita escocesa, while overhead two former Spitfires of the RAF.

In the Netherlands the date is celebrated on the 4th of may, because on that day he surrendered to the German admiral Von Friedeburg to marshal Montgomery. Andl king willem-Alexander and prime minister, Merk Rutte, attended a ceremony in the Dam square of Amsterdam. The image was also empty, due to the coronavirus.

In Belgium, king Philip and Matilda have presided over an act at the tomb of the unknown soldier, in Brussels, and have made a floral offering. He has also participated in the first belgian minister, Sophie Wilmès.

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