The sweet aroma of love, the film Paradise 1: Plot, actors, photos

Rai 1 streaming movie Sweet scent of lovea sentimental comedy in which food and love are once again intertwined in a story that highlights that there is more than just a platonic relationship between the two friends.

For cycle Appointment of love, Paradise 1 offers the film at the TV premiere on the evening of 22 August. Sweet scent of love. Directed by Mark Jean, this is the first time a Hallmark production has starred two faces together. Eloise Mumford AND Brant Dougherty, tells the story of Matt, a baker who, after being disappointed in love, loses the magic of the bread his entire community loves. Annie, an old childhood friend, intervenes…

Plot of the film

Matt (Brent Dougherty) and Annie (Eloise Mumford), the two main characters in Paradise 1. Sweet scent of loveThey were lifelong friends. For some odd reason, they never went beyond a platonic relationship despite knowing they got along well with each other. After all, they always considered each other brother and sister.

Matt lives in the small island town of Windward, where tourism has been in decline for some time. To turn things around, the ballet company arrives for a recital and Matt falls in love with Nicole (Maude Green), one of the dancers. The mood pours even into his bread, which from tasteless every day becomes tastier and more aromatic. But faced with Nicole’s rejection, even Matt’s bread suddenly loses its magical power…

To remedy the situation, the townspeople start dating (which turns out to be terrible) dates for Matt, hoping that by falling in love again, he will start making good bread again. But true love has never been far from Matt: a fight with Annie will essentially open his eyes to the feelings they have always had for each other.

Rai 1 original movie poster Sweet scent of love.

Two main characters

Filmed in Vancouver, Canada film Rai 1. Sweet scent of love have actors as protagonists Brant Dougherty And Eloise Mumford.

Dougherty is known to a wide television audience for the role of Noel Kahn in the TV series pretty Little Liars but also for his participation in the film Fifty shades released, the third chapter of the saga based on the novels of E. L. James. He also took part in such series as army wives AND Dear white people and was a contestant on season 17 of the American version Dancing with the Stars (paired with Peta Murgatroyd).

Instead, Mumford owes his start to the series. lone star, in which she played one of the main female roles, Kyle Killen. By a strange coincidence, she also took part in the trilogy fifty shadesplays Dakota Johnson’s best friend in all three films. We also saw her in the series Chicago Firecurrently airing on Italia 1.

Sweet scent of lovethe film proposed by Rai 1 is the first Hallmark production to feature both of them as protagonists.

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