The swimming style that the coach believes is the best for exercising the whole body

No matter where you’re on vacation, don’t miss an opportunity for an invigorating bath. Go at your pace, according to your abilities, without pressure. The important thing is to be relaxed, fresh and happy after getting out of the water, and enjoy the wonderful health effects after bathing. But if your concern is your body shape, you should know that there is an eSwimming that is especially effective for toning and shaping All muscles of the body, providing practitioners with a clear and beautiful outline.

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Most Formable Swim

Freestyle swimming is the best way to exercise in the water. Swimming coach Emiliano Salardi explains: “Freestyle or freestyle is a style of swimming that, once you have learned the correct technique and form, you can practice effortlessly, unlike other swimmers. There are different types of swimming that require more muscle, such as dolphin swimming or freestyle swimming. Breaststroke”.

Freestyle is a combination of continuous alternating movements of the arms and kicks of the legs. The legs should be fully stretched without creating too much foam. Freestyle can stretch the muscles, Improve stamina and coordination.It must be said that crawl swimming does not burn as many calories as breaststroke or dolphin swimming, but its great advantage is that it harmoniously involves all muscle departments, with body shaping effect. There is no doubt that the muscles of the upper half, namely the back, shoulders and abdomen, are mainly involved, but the hips, thighs and calves are also involved. Then for women, Drainage and massaging action Hydrating while swimming is a panacea for getting rid of cellulite and lingering. However, the ideal is to always alternate at least a few styles in training, such as swimming first, then backstroke and vice versa, also at different rhythms, usually slow at the beginning of the swim and intense in the middle. Training, at the end Do laps slowly.and don’t forget to add Mini warm-up before diving, allowing your muscles to function at their best. The satisfaction you’ll feel after finishing your swim will be immense, and after a few weeks of training, your physique will look firmer: believe it, give it a try.

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