The tender message of Sarah Hyland Ariel Winter, asking that their relationship goes beyond that of ‘Modern Family’


Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter will always be remembered as Haley and Alex Dunphy of ‘Modern Family’but now that the critically acclaimed sitcom comes to an end their best young actresses have shown that their special relationship goes beyond the series in which they grew up.

One of the reasons that the comedy has been on the air many years ago is by how well they work, the relationships of its characters, something that is due to the large family they are also behind the screen. Demonstrate their actors in social networks where they never miss the signs of affection. The latter has been Sarah Hyland to her “little sister” Ariel Winter on her birthday, a special date that has become very emotional because of the great sendoff of the series.

“My face when I realize that Ariel Winter meets 22, and that andor I’ve known literally half of his life. It has been an honor and a privilege not only work with you these 11 years, but to have turned our relationship into a brotherhood,” says Hyland on the sisters behind the screen.

“You may the sisters Dunphy already have date of expiration but I hope that we we don’t never… as the twinkies! Happy Birthday beautiful!”.

What ‘Modern Family’ has joined together, let not divide anyone.

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