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The tender photo of Paco Tous and Michelle Jenner exhausted during the filming of ‘The Men of Paco’

‘Paco’s Men’, fiction, which made faces known as Hugo Silva or Pepón Nieto, ended in 2010, after nine seasons and on the air since 2005, but its fans have received with the same enthusiasm as always the reunion in the form of a new season. But also its protagonists: the actors are overwhelmed by the same nostalgia and share it on social networks constantly. how Paco Tous.

Paco Tous has uploaded to Instagram a photo next to Michelle Jenner, father and daughter in fiction, in which he has shown fans an intimate moment of the filming of the series.

“Sometimes, in the shoots we end up so tired… My girl, Michelle Jenner. Happy Monday”, writes the actor who, in addition, takes the opportunity to remember that “yesterday we premiered the first chapter of the second part of ‘Los hombres de Paco’. Available on ATRESplayer every Sunday a new installment“.

It’s been 11 years since its last chapter, but the essence of this season remains the same. Paco Tous has resumed his role as commissioner Paco Miranda in this new batch of chapters, along with the rest of the policemen of that police station in the neighborhood of San Antonio which opened its doors to the audience in 2005. Although with some twists that will make this reunion is being a non-stop of emotions that you can follow through ATRESplayer Premium every Sunday.

This new season of ‘Los hombres de Paco’ has in its cast Paco Tous, Pepón Nieto, Carlos Santos, Neus Sanz, Amparo Larrañaga, Amaia Sagasti and Juan Grandinetti as protagonists. Adriana Ozores, Hugo Silva, Michelle Jenner, Juan Diego, Mario Casas and Fede Celada also return to this one.

Produced by ATRESMEDIA TV in collaboration with Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), the new stage of the Antena 3 series will also be available on ATRESplayer Premium, ATRESMEDIA’s streaming platform, and can be seen worldwide through ATRESplayer PREMIUM International.

I’m sure you’re interested…

“As if time had not passed”: The photo of Michelle Jenner and Hugo Silva in the filming of ‘Los hombres de Paco’

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