The tender reunion between Benjamín Vicuña with his children Magnolia and Amancio

Benjamin Vicuña
Benjamin Vicuña

Benjamín Vicuña shared the tender photos of his reunion with his children Magnolia, three years old and Amancio, one, the result of his relationship with the Chinto Suárez, who had been accompanying her mother in Jujuy while she worked.

In the image that the Chilean actor shared, the youngest of the brothers is seen with his father and in addition to his little sisterAlong with them, Beltrán and Benicio, his half-brothers, children of Carolina Pampita Ardohain, are sitting on the couch.

Benjamín Vicuña with Beltrán, Benicio, Magnolia and Amancio
Benjamín Vicuña with Beltrán, Benicio, Magnolia and Amancio

While the three older boys look at the camera smiling as their dad, the little Amancio, less than a year and a half, is with his pacifier very concentrated, taking a toy with his hands. In this way, the actor shared a snapshot of his meeting with his little ones, who had been with Suárez, during September and October in Spain and in recent weeks in Jujuy, accompanying her while she filmed the film Objects.

A few days ago a Chilean journalist assured in The scandal show that the actor wanted to get off a fiction that he is doing in the neighboring country: “He was recording a soap opera in Chile, one of the most successful in recent times. It turns out that his character is a man who steals his son and starts looking for him, it’s terrible. But his character died very suddenly, it was very rare. “

And he explained: “It turns out that this week I knew that the script for the soap opera was not set up like that. But Benjamín began to fall into a depression, in a situation of so much tension with what was happening to him with China Suárez, that he spoke with the channel’s executives and told them: ‘I need you to kill my character because I don’t give more’ . Today he is very sad, longing for the family”.

Eugenia had gone to Spain with Rufina, her eldest daughter as a result of her relationship with Nicolás Cabré, Magnolia and Amancio, but only the younger ones accompanied Jujuy. “Jujuy and some fiber that touched me. His music, his colors, his energy. I went back to my childhood in one night. Full of memories, images. Of my dad and my uncle chewing coca and listening to folklore in the living room of my house. One night with my children eating humitas and empanadas, listening to music and understanding that I never needed more than that to be happy”He wrote on his Instagram account.

Eugenia la China Suárez in Jujuy
Eugenia la China Suárez in Jujuy

Between scene and scene the ex Almost angels provided the first note since the scandal with Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara broke out. Went to the local environment We are Jujuy and in which he limited himself to talking about his stay in the province for his work projects. “I am very happy to be here working, with my family, with friends, with colleagues. I love Jujuy, I have never been here “, said who visited Tilcara, Purmamarca and who had planned to visit Salinas Grandes.

Over the weekend under the title “War Wounds” he shared a series of photos showing his injured foot and some scratches on his legs, after he fell while visiting the salt flats. “Clumsy since (since) 1992”he added in the text, referring to his year of birth.

Meanwhile, the novel between Eugenia, Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara seems to have no end. Last Friday, when the waters were calming down, a version emerged that assures that the alleged lovers had recorded their clandestine meeting in a hotel in Paris, while Valentino’s mother, Benedict, Constantino, Francesca and Isabella was enjoying a weekend of week in Milan with his sister Zaira.


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