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The tense Argentine jury paralyzed Beto Cuevas in The Covers

Although the good atmosphere reigns in The Covers, from time to time the juries star in tense moments during the program. For example, something like this happened this Friday after Fran Sfeir’s tribute to Shakira on the Mega show.

After his presentation, Beto Cuevas raised his finger for his staged play. “I felt the Lebanese blood,” the Chilean singer threw flowers at him.

Then it was Oscar Mediavilla who took the floor. «The color of the starter voice seemed correct to me, then it was lost. I found that coming and going. Who has seen Shakira as not stopping »commented the Argentine, who found a quick response from Cuevas.

Just like that, because the vocalist of La Ley put the spoon in to defend his colleague. «She didn’t have anything recorded on her. Be careful, it was smart because sometimes a lot of movement loses the vocal thing, so it seems to me that you have to value that, “he clarified.

The paralé from Mediavilla to Beto Cuevas

After listening to him, Mediavilla accepted his comment but reluctantly. There was even an uncomfortable dialogue between the two.

“Each one does what they can to do their best. Obviously if he is here and with all the effort they make to be here at this moment, obviously one has to be gentle … within the possibilities. I try to be gentle, but it would be wrong if I didn’t say what I’m thinking, ”he stopped short.

However, the comment quickly gave way to laughter, as Beto took it with Andina. “No, absolutely,” he replied.

«Gentleman, I don’t know if you understand me», Oscar insisted before continuing with his evaluation.

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