The tense encounter of Rita Ora with her former political family



Though not many remember it now, in the beginning of her musical career, Rita Ora had a romantic relationship with Rob Kardashian, and even appeared glancing in the reality show the family of him before his love story is truncate and end up in the worst possible way: with it, leaving it planted in the party with which they had to celebrate the 22nd birthday of the singer in London and accusing her publicly just a week after you have been unfaithful with more than twenty men.

Despite this, it seemed that the interpreter had managed to keep a friendly with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, the mother and sister respectively of your ex, in view that the three were seen chatting very animatedly to the beginning of this year when they agreed in a public event. That is why it is even more surprising that the situation that was experienced this Sunday at the gala of the People’s Choice Awards was totally different.

Kim and Kris arrived at the event accompanied by Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, and according to all the eyewitnesses at any time dignaron a cross word with the artist. In fact, when it came to the turn that this took to the stage to interpret the theme ‘Let You Love Me’, all of them ignored deliberately his performance, and only Khloé deigned to clap briefly after the conclusion of the musical number.

In regards to Rita and Rob, both had kept the distances from 2012, and it is certain that none will have been plenty of scandals in his love life make forget their fans that controversial break yours.

In the case of the interpreter, the end of his courtship with Calvin Harris was left of the night to the morning without an album to post when he banned him from using the songs they had created together and Rob starred in her own soap opera in the media -plus a reality – for more than a year with his ex Blac Chyna, who also said via Twitter that he had been deceived as she claimed to have been the victim of ill-treatment during the time they were together.

The passage of time and those experiences seem to have gotten the two to see with other eyes, your old, old story of love; Rita has tried to downplay the hard of tweets dedicated to him his ex in the past on several occasions and he, for his part, returned to him in favor of endorsing the past month of may when her song ‘Girls’ has received harsh criticism because of the frivolous vision of bisexuality and the relationships between women that in the opinion of many, reflected their letters.