the theory that confirms that Chayanne is the key for Boca to win the cup

A Twitter user linked the singer to the international drought of Xeneize and it was all the rage on the networks.

Chayanne stars in a theory about Boca's international drought.
© Getty ImagesChayanne stars in a theory about Boca’s international drought.

As everybody know, Mouth goes a long time without being able to conquer international titles. Since obtaining the 2008 Recopa, Xeneize cannot raise a continental trophy again and continues in the long-awaited quest to lift its seventh Copa Libertadores.

The Ribera club was close many times, reaching the semifinals and finals in recent years. However, certain mistakes in decisive matches frustrated his dream time and time again. Some fans are still searching for explanations for not getting that much-desired star, and a Twitter user posted a theory that quickly went viral.

This person (@HormigaXeneize) showed that Boca only won international titles (in this century) whenever Chayanne released an album. There he showed that “Simply” coincided with the obtaining of the bichampionship in the Copa Libertadores (2000-2001) and the Intercontinental Cup won against Real Madrid. Later came out “Sincere”, who accompanied the consecrations in the Libertadores 2003, the Intercontinental 2003 and the Sudamericana 2004.

In 2005/06, while the singer was showing off with “Captive”, Boca conquered the Sudamericana 2005 and the Recopas 2005 and 2006. Later came out “My time” and the Ribera club won the Libertadores 2007 and Recopa 2008. Extra fact: Chayanne also released albums in 2010 and 2014, but just in those years Xeneize did not play the Libertadores.

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