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Heidi Klum he has found happiness in his third marriage. This ensures the model, 46 years old, after eleven months married to Tom Kaulitz, guitarist of Tokio Hotel, and 16 years younger than her. “I’m just a happier person”, has expressed Klum the magazine Peopleduring the premiere this Monday program America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

“I used to face it all alone. But, for the first time, I can experience what it means to truly have a partner”, explained the model, who has gone through two failed marriages before they meet the German musician. From 1997 to 2002, was the wife of hairstylist Ric Pippin, and three years after their split, he married the british singer Seal. Of this last union were born: Henry, age 15; John, 13; and Lou, 10. During their marriage, which lasted until 2014, the couple cared for him like a daughter more in common to Leni, 15 years. The small became to Klum’s mother in 2004, but was not recognized by his biological father Flavio Briatore, former director sportif of Renault in Formula 1, so that Seal decided to raise her. Briatore told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera: “She was born when Heidi and I had already left. Heidi lived in Los Angeles and I was in London, the distance was terrible. Always kept a close relationship. We talked on the phone a lot. But also I was always aware that she needed to be close to your mom.”

In 2012, Klum and Seal are separated and began a war of constant attacks through the press: on one occasion, recorded at the singer, accusing the model of be unfaithful with a member of the service, something that she denied flatly. Klum explained in the petition for divorce that existed “irreconcilable differences“while Seal demanded the custody of their children and as well as avoiding the alimony that he should go to his former wife, since according to him the income of the model were greater than his own.

In 2014 it was made official the divorce between Klum and Seal. The dummy is associated with a number of men, as the curator of art Vito Schnabel. Four years later he met at the party of a mutual friend to Tom Kaulitz, your current husband. “I almost couldn’t look at him. Do you know when you feel so attracted to someone that you say: ‘my god, my God, I can not see with your eyes’?, told the model in the program Ellen DeGeneres.

And since then, has only words of admiration for the musician. “From the first moment, I have a partner with whom I can talk about everything. Someone with whom to share the difficulties we all have in our life,” he explained recently to the magazine People. To this same publication, he commented in September 2018 that Kaulitz is “absolutely wonderful”: “it Is the most kind person, sweet and loving. I feel very lucky. I don’t remember the last time I was happy in my life,” said Klum, who thought that the success of your relationship is due, in part, that the two were German and understood each other rather better.

The couple committed in December of 2018 and two months after it gave the “yes I do”, in a private ceremony in California, the model revealed finally in social networking in July. Returned to pass by the altar in the past month of August. This time the chosen destination was the Italian island of Capri, with a luxurious celebration on the deck of the yacht Christina Or, it was chosen also by other celebrities like Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy for their bridal parties.

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