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The three cryptocurrencies that have risen the most this year

In the world of cryptocurrencies there are three clear winners this year who have increased their value in the market between 1,000% and 4,600%.

The cryptocurrency fever is a reality despite recent ups and downs. In the last days, cryptocurrencies have regained ground, after the price drop. Some of these mod assetsa have significantly exceeded the levels of the beginning of January. Specifically, five of these assets shine with their own light this 2021 and they have raised their market value between 720% and 4,600%.

Of course, among the five winning cryptocurrencies of the year there are none of the most popular, such as bitcoin, etherium and theter.

On the podium of the cryptocurrencies that have performed the best this 2021 there is the Dogecoin, which has skyrocketed in value by 4,600% since the beginning of January. They follow him closely Uniswap Y Binance Coin, with revaluations greater than 1,000%.

According to figures from the specialized cryptocurrency portal CoinMarketCap, dogecoin is the digital currency that has grown the most in 2021. At the beginning of the year, the market capitalization of this meme coin was US $ 0.6 trillion. A month after its popularity exploded, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and rapper Snoop Dogg sent out a flurry of tweets about the coin that triggered the price.

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According to CoinMarketCap figures, the value of dogecoin aaccumulates a revaluation of 4,600% this year until reaching a market value of US $ 28.2 billion Recently. The figure is fifteen times the growth rate of ethereum in the same period or 88 times more than the rise of bitcoin in 2021.

After soaring its valuation, this virtual currency, created by programmer and former IBM engineer Billy Markus, is today the eighth largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization and the fourth most traded last July.

The second place on the podium of the cryptocurrencies that have grown the most in the market this year is occupied by Uniswap, which compared to the main cryptocurrencies has a significantly lower price. However, it ranks as the tenth largest digital currency in the world after increasing its value by 1,028% in 2021. In total, it has increased its capitalization by US $ 1.4 trillion, which is currently worth US $ 15.8 trillion.

Binance Coin It ranks third in this ranking of the cryptocurrencies that have grown the most this year, by increasing its capitalization by 1,000% and placing its market value at US $ 59,000 million.

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Fourth and fifth position

Cardano and USD Coin complete the top 5 that have increased their capitalization the most this year. In January, the total value of all Cardano coins stood at US $ 5.6 trillion. This figure is 728% higher than at the end of 2020. Its value in the current market amounts to US $ 46.4 billion. For its part, the market capitalization of USD Coin soared by 626% in this period.

Most popular

The Ethereum’s market capitalization stood at $ 348 trillion last week, which represents an increase of 310% in the year and places this cryptocurrency as the second largest in the world. They are closely followed by XRP, Tether and Polkadot, with market capitalization growth of 256%, 194% and 149% respectively this 2021.

For its part, the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world, bitcoin, registers the lowest market capitalization growth among the ten most popular digital currencies. Last week, the combined value of all bitcoins stood at $ 539.6 trillion. It represents an increase of 51% since the beginning of January. Furthermore, statistics show that the trading volume of this cryptocurrency has halved in the last 30 days, falling from $ 1.2 trillion in June to $ 642.7 trillion in July.

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