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the tiktoker that went viral imitating Shakira

Today you no longer need to go to a television show to become a well-known character. With the boom of social media, influencers and artists have had a stage to quickly shine and go viral.

This is the case of Juank Multivoces, a tiktoker from Guatemala, that went viral in more than one social network. This, for its impressive talent for imitating the voices of some famous people. However, the imitation that made the tiktoker, Juank Multivoces, in an Internet character, was the one he did for the Colombian singer, Shakira.

Among the other voices that Juank Multivoces imitates are the one of Homer Simpson, Mickey Mouse and even Celia Cruz.

@juank_multivocesResponder to @ wildeltubbesito.cun ## fyp ## parati # ♬ original sound – Juank multivoces

Juank Multivoces

Despite the wide repertoire of characters that she imitates, that of the interpreter of ‘Waka Waka’ and ‘January Day’ get all the applause. Even leading his followers to ask him to show his talent by sending greetings.

@ juank_multivoces ## parati ## you can follow me on all social networks ## as ## juank multivoces ## greeting the ## friends of come la Alegría ♬ original sound – Juank multivoces

Although in social media, is known as Juank Multivoces, the real name of the tiktoker is Juan Carlos Domínguez, and already has a long experience in imitation. However, his work only got coverage after going viral on TikTok.

The tiktoker raised several videos showing his talent to imitate the Colombian Shakira and quickly attracted the attention of thousands of people. In fact, his TikTok account adds up 463 thousand followers.

In the social network, Juan Carlos has become popular not only for the resemblance of his voice to the famous singer of ‘Girl like me’, but also for sending greetings with the voice of his favorite artists or characters. All this, without charging a peso.

The impact caused by the tiktoker was so great that one of the most recognized voice actors in Latin America was recorded reacting to one of the videos of the Guatemalan. Here we leave you the reaction of Lalo Garza when seeing the video of the imitation of Juank Multivoces.

@ juank_multivoces # duo with @ lalogarx ♬ original sound – Juank multivoces

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