The Top Izabel Goulart plays with Zoe at the airport, and she has fun: “the New nanny” – Who is the


Izabel Goulart e Zoe, filha de Sabrina Sato (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)

Izabel Goulart ‘s and Zoe’s, she was the daughter of Sabrina Sato (photo: playback/Instagram)

Izabel Goulart if you had a lot of fun Zoe at the airport on Monday (23. September). Sabrina Sato he captures the moments of the model with the daughter, after the Fashion Week in Milan, which brought together the various personalities of the Italian city.

In the video, Elizabeth, appears, singing and dancing to the music Baby SharkMusic , a hit with the children, with Zoe in his arms. “The new nanny, Zoe, in addition to the load of the document, the wear is joked a backpack of the Missing”, Sabrina.

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“She’s just like me, because I sing a song of her,” said Isabel, who continued to dance with Zoe.

On the evening of Sunday (22nd), Izabel Goulart, met with friends, the angels of Victoria’s Secret Alessandra Ambrosio the model of the Swedish Not Long After in the The Green Carpet Fashion Awardsthis took place at the Teatro Alla Scala. To this time, the three make it to a point.

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