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Other matches were played on Saturday at the 36th International Junior Baseball and Softball Tournament “Due Torri” 18th Memorial Mario Bacchi Stefani, organized by baseball and softball group Oltretorrente with main sponsor “La Giovane SCpA”.

The Softball Open Championship ended with the ultimate success of the Usa Absa 1 team defeating the Usa Absa 2 team 3-0 in the final, with Metalco Thunders Castelfranco Veneto taking third place beating the Italy All Stars 10-0.

Individual Awards: Rubio Riannon (US2), Best Pitcher with 1.75 mpg, Best Player Camryn Walker (USA1), Ms. Elegance Georgia Francescelli (Italy), Best Forward Ellie Drake (US1) with 636 average, Most Valuable Player Giulia Ravanetti (Italy), Miss Sympathy Nadia Armstrong (USA2). Miss Rookie Vittoria Zumerle (Metalco Thunders), Fair Play Soma Risa (Metalco). In softball under 13 years, the results are: Crocetta – Bollate 2-11, Blue Girls Pianoro – Il Parmense Trasporti Old Parma 9-8, Bollate – Collecchio 10-6, Crocetta (fourth classification) – Collecchio (fifth classification) 6-5.

Tomorrow, Sunday, July 30, final at 12 noon on “Notari3” between Bollate and Blue Girls Pianoro, first place at 8:30 on the same final course, 3rd-4th place between “Il Parmense Trasporti” Old Parma and Crocetta. Under 18 Baseball: Ro 9-1 San Marino, Athletics MVP 7-1 San Lazaro, Czech Republic 1-10 La Giovane Oltretorrente, San Marino 18-2 Czech Republic, La Giovane Oltretorrente – Ro 4 -3. Tomorrow is the grand final between MVP and “La Giovane” Obc at 13:30, final 3-4 places at 10:45 between Rho and San Marino, final 5-6 places between San Lazzaro and Czech Republic at 8:30.

In baseball under 15 years old: Gepardi Zori – Ro 1-18, Czech Republic – San Lazaro 6-2, Kad Dogana Logic Oltretorrente – San Marino 9-10, Ro – Czech Republic 12-5, San Lazzaro – Gepardi Zori 7- 8. Final at 13 in Notari 4 between Czech Republic and Rho, 3rd-4th place San Marino – Cad Dogana Logica Oltretorrente at 10:30, at 8:30 5th-6th place between San Lazzaro and Gepardi Zori.

In softball under 15 years old: New Bologna – Blue Girls Pianoro 3-2, Bollate – Collecchio 8-0, Junior Parma – MM Operations Old Parma 4-6, Collecchio – New Bologna 4-3. Final at 14:00 on Notari3 between Bollate and “MM Operations” Old Parma, at 10:15 3rd-4th place between Blue Girls and Collecchio, on Catuzzi at 9:00 5th-6th place between New Bologna and Junior Parma. In baseball under 12: Junior Parma – Collecchio 6-10, Fortitudo – Legnani Corradi Vecchi Oltretorrente 12-6, Cervignano – Rho 0-6, MVP – Crocetta 11-3, Czech Republic – Godot 11-0, Rho – Czech Republic 12-2, Godot – Cervignano 6-7, Junior Parma – Godot 6-0. At 8:30 at Notari2 the semi-final between Crocetta and Sala Baganza, at the Francini at the same time another semi-final between Rho and Fortitudo. Final 7th-8th place between “Legnani Corradi Vecchi” Oltretorrente and Cervignano at 10:15 at “Franchini”, 12th at the final “Franchini” 5th-6th place between Collecchio and Mvp, 2nd at “Notari2” final among two semi-final winners .

After the Slow Pitch Challenge, there was a presentation of the book “The Stolen Bases – Parables and Trajectories of Kideki Irabu” with the author Federico Farkomeni and the entry of eleven baseball teams under 12 years old to the “Cavalli” field before the start of match-3. series Baseball scudetto pool between Parma Clima and San Marino Tomorrow, Sunday, after the final, at 18:15-18:30, there will be an awards ceremony for all teams, men and women.

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