The tragedy of Jasmine Trinca: this is what she experienced as a child

Jasmine Trinca and the tragedy when she was a child

Jasmine Trinca –

Actress Jasmine Trinca recalls the tragedy she experienced as a child, saying it’s not easy for a little girl to go through all this. Although today she is a very good interpreter, she will always be marked by events that border on neurosis.

This is the alarm for neurosis jasmine trinca, It really couldn’t be otherwise, considering what he had endured as a child. With so much courage, today he finally got to tell that story the tragedy that marked it deeply throughout his life.

She would like to be able to tell her daughter that unfortunately these are facts of life, but Trinka fears that Girl Annit’s not ready yet To know the bitter truth. she lives every day on the verge of necrosis And it is not easy to get out unscathed from everything that surrounds it. Let us know in detail what he said.

Who is Jasmine Trinca?

For those who don’t know her, Jasmine Trinca is an Italian actress who was born in Rome in 1981 and as per reports Wikipedia: “Won 2 David di Donatello, 4 Silver Ribbons, 2 Golden Globes, 2 Golden Siaux, Marcello Mastroini Award, Flaiano Award and Un Certain Regard Award at the Venice Film Festival” as Best Actress. Her skills have been noticed from the start since she was picked by Trinka Nanni Moretti Irene will play herself in the film Son’s room.

Jasmine Trinca still continues her activity as an actress, explains different texture parts, which earned him a lot of praise for his acting skills. as far as he’s concerned private lifeIn 2009, the woman had a daughter. Elsaborn to ex partner Antonio Pierrulli, There is no further news on his personal life since Trinka He is very private.

The Grief That Jasmine Trinca Experienced Has Marked Her Forever

Jasmine Trinca –

Jasmine Trinca’s double bereavement

Jasmine Trinca recently told about this in an interview Tragedy she lived as a child, i.e. death of father, Although she was too young to remember him, the emptiness she would remember for the rest of her life. Jasmine never felt lonely, thanks to her mother’s love if it’s a loss Re-tracing what happened years ago, such as they have announced Herself: “Explaining loss to survivors is a complicated path and I don’t think my daughter is ready to deal with such intimate and painful stories. It is not important to tell him how they left, but it is important to tell him that they left something for us…”.

He also revealed his work The risk of neurosis is much higher than that of others: “My profession is more susceptible to neurosis than others. It’s not just the maddening sharing of an intense interval that you experience at full speed and with great familiarity in one place and in a very short amount of time, with a bunch of people from the set, with whom, once the cabin is demolished, you lose touch or almost lose all touch, but this is really a work, mine, that thrives on rapturous twists and sudden movements of emptiness and despair…”.

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