The tragic events that have marked the life and career of Joaquin Phoenix; today turns 46


Among other events, the Puerto Rican actor lived a difficult childhood, the death of his brother in his arms and several episodes of discrimination

If there is an actor who has put himself in the great planes of Hollywood in recent months, specifically since last year, that is the Puerto Rican Joaquin Phoenix.

Known worldwide for his performance in “Joker,” this role gave the famous actor a worldwide rise that he had not achieved with his other, and equally good, roles as a performer.

Phoenix turns 46 today after a life fraught with mental problems and tragic family issues that have led him to rethink the direction of his career over and over again.

Since he was born he was marked by tragedy. Their parents belonged to a Christian sect called “Children God” , as well as they did not have money to support them and they asked in the street to eat, while their children worked to help their parents.

Three years later, when they lived in Venezuela, after having left their native Puerto Rico, the Phoenix family left the sect because the leader asked them to use child pornography to attract more faithful.

From there they came to the United States. The couple and their five children lived in a room that did not allow children, but the landlord allowed them to stay there. When the owner came from time to time, Joaquin and his brothers would hide in the building’s laundry room, behind the washing machine, for hours.

Vegan since the age of three, Joaquin has also been discriminated against for his appearance. In an interview with the host Wendy Williams, she pointed him out for having a scar on his mouth , saying “he has one of those, what do you call it? Cleft lip, cleft palate.”

However, the actor confirmed that this was not true, arguing that it is a birthmark which could have arisen from severe pain that his mother had during pregnancy.

It was October 31, 1993 when Joaquin lost his brother River Phoenix. The latter had an overdose and began to convolute in his arms, so the Oscar winner tried to save his life.

In the end, River passed away at age 23 at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The Phoenix brothers had a frenetic nightlife, as they liked to overindulge in The Viper Room, a bar that belonged to their mutual friend, Johnny Depp.

“In those moments when you are most vulnerable, there are helicopters flying, people trying to sneak into your house … Without a doubt all that prevented me from the mourning phase, ” said Rooney Mara’s husband in an interview , earlier this year the actor of “Gladiator”.

This fact led Phoenix to leave the United States to return with his family to live in Costa Rica. Later, he chose to return to New York and take off his acting career.

And it is that not in the same performance has he found a refuge to feel calm. His commitment to the films he has played has led him to make him one of the most methodical in Hollywood.

For “Joker” he lost 23 kilos, despite the fact that he had lost weight before for the film “María Magdalena”; in both, he was on a 300 calorie diet.

In “Inherent Vice” he declared that he was barefoot in the streets, a film that was released in 2014. However, his darkest episode was during the movie “Walk The Line”, where he acts as Johnny Cash.

He became an alcoholic, to such a degree that he ended up in a clinic to quit. “It was not playing the role of Johnny that led me to abuse alcohol but to have to let go of it. I had a hard time getting out of character ”.

This only proves one thing: Joaquin Phoenix is ​​the most dedicated actor in the field and a guarantee when it comes to getting into the role of the character that touches him.