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The short shot, which had its reign towards the end of the nineties and the beginning of the new century, is back in all kinds of pants and some celebrities already let themselves be seen wearing it in their looks.

The sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid showed street styles wearing low-throw pants, one of this year’s trends. And who also joined this fashion was model Kendall Jenner.

For her part, Gigi, who became a mom for the first time a few months ago, was presented with a renewed look at the beginning of the year when she paraded for Versace with her coppery hair. And she was recently seen as a spectator at the Marc Jacobs parade, in which she was presented in ssense brand brown low-throw tailor pants along with a black crop top, canvas slippers and a lanilla blazer.

It’s not the only look that the Zayn Malik’s wife chose with this cut of trousers, since he wore it also on other occasions, such as during this walk through the streets of New York where he wore a jean with breaks to which he folded the boots to show off his suede booties. She paired it with a white crop top t-shirt and leather bag with fringes to tone.

Credit: Photonews.
Credit: Photonews.

Bella, for her part -who walked through the streets of Paris on the occasion of the Week of Haute Couture- chose some low throw pants denim in dark blue and very baggy, along with a curtain top in colors like red and lands that. Perfect combination with the brown leather jacket that gives that setentous touch to the look.

But, like her sister, she wore this style on another occasion when she performed at the Jacquemus parade. There she chose a very daring look, with a wide black denim pants and with a short shot that she adjusted to the waist with a leather belt and metallic buckle, which she complemented only with a knitted cardigan that she wore open, without any other garment.

Credit: Photonews

As for the accessories, black leather square-toeless sandals and a brown plush wallet with leather strips.

Credit: Photonews

As for Kendall Jenner, who was taken on the streets of London with this look, she wore a black trench coat pants with closures, white basic t-shirt and blazer in animal viper print in bluish tones.

Credit: Photonews

The model complemented the outfit with gamuzados loafers in aero blue and metallic buckle.

Credit: Photonews

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