The Trollocs are here! The menacing monsters of the series are shown in the short film.

The sci-fi series based on Robert Jordan’s beloved fantasy novels returns to streaming on Prime Video with eight new episodes on September 1st.

Luckily, the day the second season came out Wheel of Time debuts on Prime Video is just around the corner: the first three episodes are scheduled to air on Friday, September 1, and five more in the following weeks. Meanwhile, the streaming service released a new short film who raises the curtain Trolloccruel beasts of the army of the Dark One, like a star Rosamund PikeCreator Rafe Judkinswriters and/or executive producers Mike Weber AND Justine Jule Gillmer and makeup effects designer Nick Dudman they say they were made with careful artistic and technological skill.

Wheel of Time 2: What are Trollocs?

First introduced in Eye of the worldIn the first novel of the popular series written by Robert Jordan, the Trollocs are insatiable, bloodthirsty killing machines that exist to do the bidding of the Dark One and his trusted lieutenants. Trollocs are genetically modified super-soldiers, a terrifying mixture of humans and animals that take the form of boars, bears, hawks and other aggressive creatures.

In the first scene of the second season Wheel of Timebased on the iconic prologue Friends of Darkness (Friends of Darkness Social Networks) Jordan’s second book, Great huntthree ferocious Trollocs will be hypnotically tamed by one of the series’ villains, played by the actor Rates. The short also allows you to witness the acrobatic aspect that makes the Trolloc fight scenes intense, offering a preview of the convergence of light and shadow in this new season.

Season 2 “Wheel of Time”

In the new eight episodes of the series, new and old threats will haunt the young friends of Mesopotamia, now scattered throughout the world. The woman who found and guided them will no longer be able to help them, so they will have to look for other sources of strength. In each other or in ourselves. In the Light… or in the Dark. Step by step, the second season will introduce new characters, including fan favorites such as Elayne Trakand (Ceara Coveney, Young Wallander), Aviendha (Ayula Smart, Killing Eve) and Lady Suroth.

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