The True Story of The Weeknd’s Pigtail on Idol

“My grandmother said never to trust a man with a ponytail.”

in the third episode of the HBO series Sculpture, pop star Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) gets some wise advice from her co-manager Destiny (Devin Joy Randolph). Destiny realizes that her client has fallen into the dark web of a certain Tedros Tedros (Abel “The Weekend” Tesfaye), who is armed with a special thin braid that produces evil spirits. (Not surprisingly, the title of the series’ first episode is full of double meanings: “Pop Tarts and Rat Tales”).

By the time Jocelyn’s assistant and friend Leia (Rachel Sennott) dismisses Tedros as a “club boy with pigtails”, the girls are already in his sights. And we are with them.

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after the first episode aired SculptureThe wall street journal He suggested that we may be facing a “return of the pigtail”. The keyword search “The Weekend Rat Tale” reached 37.2 million views on TikTok. Tesfaye, who co-created the show with director Sam Levinson, was quick to clarify that the hairstyle makes no pretensions to being attractive. Tedros, as told by Tesfaye gqShould be “pathetic” Even in the eighties, at the moment of its maximum prevalence, the benny was considered trash. And today it is especially disturbing and anachronistic to see a questionable nightclub manager like Tedros in a TV series set in 2020.

The Truth About the Reason for the Beanie

“The truth is, there is nothing mysterious or compelling about Tedros. We worked on the look, the outfit, the hair – in the end he lost. You know right away that he cares about looking and feeling beautiful,” Testfay said. The hairstyle, he added: “It comes from a bunch of inspirations, it’s hard to attribute it to any one particular one. But you’ll learn more about her ponytail later.”

“It kind of became a conversation starter,” says Emmy-winning hairstylist and Levinson series hairstylist Chris Fulton. Fulton says the look came from Tesfaye, who came to the set with a clear idea of ​​Tedros’ back story and identity—including the hair: “Abel had a clear idea who this guy was,” says Fulton. Are. “She knew where he grew up, where he came from, where he had spent a period of detention.” Starting here, Fulton and Kim Kimble—Beyoncé’s historical hairstylist and also head of the hair department Excitement— set to work creating a wig that embodied Tesfaye’s vision of chemically straightened, hot-combed, straightened hair.

“It happened in a matter of days. “It was one of the fastest flips I’ve ever seen,” says Fulton. At first, Tedros’ wig consisted of just a thin ponytail. That is until Tesfaye’s personal hairstylist, Kya Bilal, took things to a more extreme level.

“It was one of those magical moments that happens in movies and TV where (Abel) was like, ‘How about a pigtail?’ We started with the ponytail, then Kya braided it and it became the pigtail. Everyone in the room was like, “Oh my god, that’s it.” It was perfect.”

It is interesting that a similar scene unfolds in the second episode, when one of Tedros’ girls, Chloe (played by Susanna Sonne, star) red rockT) takes care of her ponytail.

“Looking at Susanna braiding her hair, I thought…a skilled Manson EA Shining, but by beauty, do you know what I mean? Fulton says, “Seeing him sitting there doing his hair looked like a representative of a contemporary cult.” Many of the later lines in the series are improvised; Levinson rewrote the script in real time.

hair of abel

Pomaded hair, as Fulton says: «It became an integral part of Abel’s character. I mean she put on a wig and became a completely different person. A scene, which we will see later in the season, was filmed during an actual concert of The Weeknd: « Testafe performed as The Weeknd, then he got off the stage, put on a Tedros wig and fired a gun Gave. Such was his dedication to the role.” In addition, it must be said that The Weeknd came on stage with a personalized hairstyle, wearing a wig that resembled his dreadlocks. uncut gems,

That said, perhaps Tedros shares Tesfaye’s penchant for transformations: “We’ll see a radical change in her hair as we move forward with the series,” Fulton promises. So perhaps the return of the ponytail may be preceded by even more grooming fads.

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