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Cara Delevingne, internationally loved supermodel and actress, has had a very difficult few months but now the worst seems to be over. The thirty-year-old Englishwoman had made her fans very concerned when, in September 2022, she had been immortalized by videos and shots of paparazzi (and passers-by) while she wandered barefoot in an evident state of confusion at Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles .

Only today, almost six months after the incident, did Delevingne decide to talk about the very difficult moment she went through and from which she seems to have finally come out.

Cara Delevingne confesses: ‘I’ve been in rehab’

In September 2022, the videos and shots of Cara Delevingne had fans of the supermodel and actress on high alert. The thirty-year-old British woman had in fact been immortalized barefoot and in an evident state of confusion at the Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles.

At the time, Cara did not release any statement about the incident and only today finally decided to open up. To do so, he chose the pages of the quintessential fashion magazine: American Vogue.

“I’ve been sober for four months,” said the supermodel. “I just knew that if I kept going down the road I was going I would have died or I would have done something really stupid.”

Cara confessed that it was the now very famous images that gave her the jolt to save herself that went around the world a few months ago: “At the time I had settled the matter by explaining that I hadn’t slept and I wasn’t well. It’s absurd: while I was in those conditions I thought I was having fun”.

“When I saw the photos” – he admitted – “I thought: ‘ok, I don’t look good’. Sometimes you need a reality check; so, in a way I’m grateful for those photos that made me see the reality”.

Today, Delevingne, as she herself underlined, has been sober for four months and in recounting what happened to her, she also wanted to send a message of hope for those who want to get out of the abyss: “Difficult circumstances must not hold us back or define us”.

“There is hope. Always have hope,” she said. “I’m right here now and I’m grateful and proud and ready for whatever’s to come. Remember that it’s never too late to change the direction of your story. To anyone out there who is still struggling, don’t give up, you are not alone.”

Cara Delevingne: difficult childhood and failed marriage with Ashley Benson

It is not the first time that Cara Delevingne admits to having problems of a psychological nature: the supermodel, in fact, has repeatedly stressed that it was difficult for her – especially as a teenager – come to terms with one’s pansexuality and in the interview with Vogue he spoke with an open heart about his somewhat complex childhood.

“I woke up with a hangover at the age of 7,” recalled Cara Delevingne who, at just 10, started using sleeping pills to soothe her insomnia and had a nervous breakdown at 15.

Despite the stormy past and the September hiccup (which many had attributed to the bad influence that the actress Amber Heard allegedly had on her), it seems that Cara is more determined than ever to continue her twelve-step rehab, which she is allegedly proceeding to full sails.

Beyond childhood, too the last few years have not been easy emotionally for the supermodel to handle, especially due to the end of the relationship with fellow actress Ashley Benson. The two had married in August 2019 in the Little Chapel in Las Vegas, and then split in May 2020, less than a year later.

It seems that in the path of rebirth that Cara is facing, the help of the people dear to her has been fundamental. “It was scary for them to see me in certain conditions,” she said. Among these, her great friend Margot Robbie stands out.

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