the truth in a story

TURIN – A long silence with short appearances that showed him visibly shaken and all the concern of the fans: Fedez he returned to social media with a clear and direct message to try to explain his moment. After the now famous kiss on stage of the Ariston with Pink Chemical, the Milanese rapper has decisively changed his relationship with social media and many assumptions have been made about his attitude: the most shared is that of a possible rift with his wife Clare Ferragni. Initially, a story by Ferragni herself had come to clarify the situation between the two, who showed her hand conjoined with that of her husband in a photo. Now it’s the same Fedez who wants to clarify.

Fedez, the social absence and Chiara Ferragni: the truth in a story

“I’m going through a period in which I prefer to stay away from social media as much as possible. The relationship with my wife has nothing to do with this decision, whom I thank for her constant support. See you soon”, this is the text written in the Instagram story of Fedez who wanted to clarify and reassure everyone about the moment he is going through. What happened to the Milanese rapper is still to be ascertained, the truth about the relationship between him and his wife has certainly arrived Clare Ferragni which definitively silences a possible separation.

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