The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Remastered Collection, two masterpieces for a ridiculous price!

WITH Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Debut of “A Thief’s End” and “The Lost Legacy” PS5 with a remaster that makes them even better, offering players the chance to relive the adventures of Nathan Drake in a whole new and improved way. Price? Ridiculous! Only 19.97 euros thanks to the maximum discount of 61% Amazon.! If you put yourself in Nathan Drake’s shoes for the first time, you’ll have a lot of fun… if you’ve already done it, you’ll continue to do so with this PS5 remaster!

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Lots of fun!

The two games featured in this collection of remasters have not lost their excellence and, above all, Eye of the Thief is a true masterpiece. which is essentially the touchstone for all adventure games, where every step is successful, where gameplay and storytelling go hand in hand perfectly.

On the PlayStation 5, we can enjoy a whole series of improvements that expand on the features inherent in the two games:

  • The haptic feedback of the DualSense pad allows you to feel the tension of the hook rope with dynamic adaptive triggers, or to truly feel the vibrations of explosions and shots.
  • Fast loading. Get back to your adventures in no time with near-instantaneous loading of the ultra-fast SSD.
  • 3D sound that immerses us in the game like never before.
  • Precision Mode: You can set native 4K resolution at 30fps frame rate.
  • Performance Mode: Extremely smooth gaming experience possible at 60fps frame rate.
  • Performance+ Mode: You can game at peak performance at 120fps and 1080p resolution.

If you haven’t played yet, now is the time to enter the world of Nathan Drake with Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection showcasing technical and graphical enhancements to the PS5, as well as really ridiculous price! INSTA BUY!

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