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In the Oval Office, around 11:30 am ET president Donald Trump began his meeting with the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, and officials.

In an event only reserved for the pool of White House press briefing and not an open press conference, Trump praised numerous times to DeSantis for doing a “spectacular job in Florida,” and ensuring that the governor “enjoys great popularity”.

“And that’s for a reason… you are doing a very good job,” said Trump on DeSantis.

Nancy Pelosi eats ice cream

Then, almost at the end of the speech, Trump attacked as usual to the democrats.

“The democrats do not want to go back, do not want to go back… are enjoying their holidays” and “don’t want to go back” to Washington DC, in reference to the quarantine.

The journalist repregunt√≥ if you really believed that the democrats were enjoying this, Trump said: “Yes, I think that yes, I think that yes, they are enjoying it…. if you look, a video of Nancy Pelosi eating ice cream in a TV program night, yes, they’re probably having a good time”.

Also asked Trump if he was “warned” about the threat of coronavirus in January and February, the president responded that he would “have to check” dates. “Whether by luck, talent or anything else, we saved thousands of lives,” said Trump.

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