The United States Use the site to Monitor data from the Smartphone, the spread of the Corona

166 – The government of the United States is founded, allegedly, the talks with Google, Facebook, and a number of technology companies, to contribute to the response to the outbreak Covid-19.

The U.S. government is called to use by the users of the location data can be retrieved, Facebook and Google smartphoneto help in the fight against the spread of the corona.

According to the report The Washington Postthe news that an official in the White house that reluctantly mentioned his identity.

According to him, the Position of the user’s data can be used to show that the probability of transmission Covid-19 in the region of the US.

In addition, the Position of the user’s data will also be used to make sure to do the US public, after a complaint to the local government so social distancing.

The collaboration arose after officials of the US government meeting with the leaders of the technology industry.

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The news throws threatened to be questions about the privacy of the users considered, if the US government can actually monitor the movement of people.

However, to preserve user privacy, the collected supposedly anonymized such location data will be.

Thus, it is not possible for the US government to monitor the movement of persons or certain persons in particular.

Summarized KompasTekno from Business InsiderOn Friday (20/3/2020), this is not the first time, to offer for Facebook location data of the user for the health benefits.