“The universe works in the most painful and beautiful way”

Bella Hadid he recently put all his work commitments on hold in order to cure himself of diseaseone of lime, which struck her in 2012; after a period of absence also from social media, she returned to talk about it.

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Bella Hadid not the first member of his family to have to deal with Lyme diseaseor infection which is transmitted through the bite of a tick and which, among various victims, also affected, for example, Justin Bieber a few years ago; his mother Yolanda this brother Anwaractually suffer from this pathology, which can cause neurological changes and both cardiac and rheumatological complications.

Bella Hadid survived Lyme disease

In an Instagram post where Bella Hadid, one of the supermodels of the time (if not the most loved and paid in the world), writes: “The little me who suffered would be proud to grow up like this and never give up.” A devotion the youngest and most current, which follows the one that a few days ago her sister and model Gigi Hadid dedicated to her, one of the many people who were by her side during this difficult moment, from which the twenty-six-year-old girl drew an opportunity for reflection. “Being so sad and sick despite having many privileges and opportunities and being surrounded by love was probably the most alienating feeling I have ever experienced.. I’m fine, you have nothing to worry about. And I wouldn’t change a thing. If I had to relive it all to get here, in this very moment, where I am with all of you, finally healthy, I would do it all over again.

He says this because, as he points out in the post, after “la invisible suffering”, “God willing”, he has “a lot of love” and “great gratitude for life”.

Model support words for those who suffer

Inside an Instagram post, Bella Hadid it is aimed at all those who are going through a difficult period, whether due to illness or other factors. “The universe works in the most painful and beautiful ways, but rest assured that if you fight, things will get better.. Take a step back, be strong, believe in your path, walk in your truth, and the clouds will start to clear.”

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