The university students are in tents, but the government is still in bed. Bernini: “We compare ourselves.” Height 66,000 dal.

TO MilanFor several days now, students have been taking to the streets again. Leonardo da Vinci, against Polytechnic protest against high rents. Outside 600 Euro The average requested room in the city remains a luxury for many families, and increasing student accommodation capacity is still a dream for those hoping to move or continue their studies not only at the main universities of the Lombardy capital, but also in other Italian municipalities.

On the pages of Corriere della Sera Minister of Universities and Research Anna Maria Bernini, assesses the situation: “Student demonstrations are legitimate and understandable, since they are caused by discomfort and real need. This need is an important national issue. Compared to the previous situation, in the latest budget law we have highlighted almost a billion for accommodation and scholarships

But interventions are untimely And Pnrr demands the government to create student hostels with the establishment by 2026 66,000 Beds: “We must tell each other things as they are,” the minister admits, “these are obligations that those who came before us did not undertake. Over the decades of republican history, 40,000 beds have been created. This is a real challenge that we are not shying away from: in May we began a census of unused public and private properties that will be converted into student accommodation. The work was completed on July 11.. Of the 80 thousand registered places, according to our estimates, there are several 65 thousand useful”.

Housing that will go away re-converted, given that some of them are not ready for use, a problem that is difficult to solve: “These places need to be made suitable for use and habitation. I say we are on the right track. This mapping is a very important step forward. Now the positive numbers allow us to accelerate. We are discussing the creation of a control room Palazzo Chigi in which other ministries also provide expertise to ensure acceleration.” Meanwhile, the rental business is gaining momentum: Milan it is the most expensive city in Italy, followed by Bologna (482 per room) e Rome (463), where two green tents with the inscription “Tired of Waiting” appeared in front of the entrance to Disco Lazio, the regional body that manages student housing and protects the right to study at university.

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