The unprecedented team that Marcelo Gallardo thinks in River Plate to go in search of the title against Racing

Marcelo Gallardo will have to improvise an alternative team due to the number of casualties
Marcelo Gallardo will have to improvise an alternative team due to the number of casualties

The objective is around the Monumental. After the win that Gymnastics gave to Workshops, River he needs a point to specify the only title that Marcelo Gallardo is missing. In this context, Doll He has not yet defined the changes in the team that he will face Racing next Thursday in Núñez, where a party of The band.

It should be noted that Napoleon will not be able to count on Enzo Perez, who suffered a dislocation in his elbow, nor with Milton Helmet and Bruno Zuculini, who added the fifth yellow, nor will he be able to dispose of the injured Benjamin Rollheiser and Fabrizio Angileri, who have not yet been discharged.

Rollheiser was in doubt after completing three weeks of differentiated work due to the tear he had in the left quadriceps before Patronage and that prevented him from playing against Platense the last weekend. It seemed that he could return, but his evolution was not favorable.

AngileriMeanwhile, he had discomfort -until two weeks ago- in his left hamstring that was torn twice, and in principle it was speculated that he could return to the left back of the first team, something that happened for the last time against Banfield by date 15 (October 9th). Since then, the defender barely completed a few minutes against Students and then he was always off the payroll since the tear, when repeated, continued to cause discomfort, the same ones that will also prevent him from returning to the Academy.

While in the middle zone, where the Doll he lost the two central midfielders, the team captain has a chance to play, Leonardo Ponzio, who disputed 10 games throughout the year and only once was he a starter against Boca in May. Then the steering wheel with past in the Saragossa was close to 4 months without playing due to myocarditis (after catching coronavirus) and this semester he participated in five meetings (all entering from the bank and adding 37 minutes). His last game was against Argentinos when he replaced Enzo Pérez.

The midfielder of 39 years, which accumulated 3 minutes against Newell’s, 10 against Banfield, 7 with Boca, 10 with San Lorenzo and 7 against Argentinos, has a chance to start for the second time in the year and it is speculated that he can announce his retirement from professional soccer.

The other possibility that handles Gallant is to play with Enzo Fernandez central steering wheel and Agustin Palavecino partner, as happened before Godoy Cruz, when despite the defeat the coach was satisfied.

In this way, one more player with variants such as Jorge Carrascal and even has Jose Paradela who played before Platense and he had done it in that duel before him Tomba.

The formation could then be constituted with Franco Armani, Alex Vigo, Robert Rojas, Paulo Díaz and David Martínez; Agustín Palavecino, Leonardo Ponzio, Enzo Fernández and Jorge Carrascal; Julián Álvarez and Braian Romero.

As for the juvenile Tomás Galván, who did not participate in the Reserve match against Racing and entered before Platense, is again part of the list of concentrates that was known this afternoon and is made up of the following footballers: Franco Armani, Enrique Bologna and Germán Lux (goalkeepers). Paulo Díaz, Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola, Robert Rojas, David Martínez and Alex Vigo (defenders). Leonardo Ponzio, Agustín Palavecino, Enzo Fernández, Tomás Galván, José Paradela and Jorge Carrascal (midfielders). Julián Álvarez, Braian Romero, Agustín Fontana and Federico Girotti (forwards).

Precisely the Reserve that lost 2-1 at River Camp before the Academy had the presence of Gallant in the stalls. The Doll she watched the game while the first one made the initial movements of the training. From the campus that practiced in the morning, Nicolas de la Cruz He was also in the medical part again, since he continues with the Treatment and anticoagulant medication for venous thrombosis in the left foot.

Players will return to work tomorrow afternoon at the Monumental to stay focused in the face of the match before Racing scheduled to close the day on Thursday at 9.30pm. In connection with this commitment, the club’s fan subcommittee is organizing special celebrations from the start of the match with red and white balloons and with plastic straps that will go down from the headlands to the lower areas, heralding the imminent championship.

Last week the club members sold out the places that were put up for sale for the members of the club. River Community and for associates who were up-to-date with the quota during the pandemic. In addition, 45 thousand subscribers to Your Place in the Monumental also reserved their places, so a framework of 70 thousand fans on the day of the return of the capacity to 100 percent after an abnormality that comes from March 2020.


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