The unpublished photos of Adela Noriega in her youth that are shaking the networks

Since 2008, the beautiful actress about to turn 51 has not been on a television forum again

If there is any telenovela actress who causes the most nostalgia among her followers, it is the beautiful Adela Noriega. Whoever was one of the most sought-after performers on the small screen has been away from the cameras for a long period.

Her last production was “Fuego en la Sangre”, which aired in that distant 2008 and, since then, little is known about the one born in Mexico City. Recently the rumor about the supposed son she had with the former president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortariwas revived, but, in this regard, with her return to the medium, there has been no news.

Now her fans and those who miss her famous performances, an Instagram account gave away a beautiful postcard about the famous beauty, about to turn 51, which reveals that since she was young she has been very photogenic.

In this photograph, Noriega is seen smiling and with a characteristic hairstyle of the time, in addition to the fact that the image is in black and white, probably being a cover or an article for a magazine from the time it was captured.

In addition to this image, the profile named adelanoriega_brasil has also released more postcards about the iconic actress, either in her previous roles or at some point when she was still in the public eye.

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Oi gente, tinha que vim aqui comentar sobre esse retorno da Ana Paula Arósio a TV, 10 anos depois dela ter largado tudo. Tudo bem que ela só fez um comercial, mas só em vê-la me lembrei da Adela, sempre quando se fala em atrizes que largaram tudo eu lembro delas (apesar das situações entre ambas serem bem diferentes). . . E vocês não sabem o quanto fiquei feliz (e olhe que nem sou fã ou acompanhei a carreira dela) é só uma nostalgia sabe? Ver o rosto da Ana me lembrou uma época boa em que era feliz e sabia. Queria tanto que a Adela fizesse um comercial assim lá no México…. claro, pra isso teriam que dar uma boa grana 🤣 (cá entre nós dizem que ofereceram 1 milhão de libras, ou seja, 8 milhões de reais para que a Ana fizesse a campanha🤤🤤). Enfim, era só isso mesmo, queria comentarilhar com vocês esse desejo de ver como a Adela tá, mesmo que fosse em um comercial apenas. 😔 . . #adelanoriega #anapaulaarosio

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Away from the networks and the media, Adela Noriega is in a long period of freedom from any call or work with television production and it seems that she will still need to see her again on the small screen.


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