The use of face cloths to prevent contamination of COVID-19 will be indispensable in agglomerations: UNAM


Experts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) warned that to avoid contamination of COVID-19 we must use face cloths in situations agglomeration.

Through a newsletter to the university community, dr. Samuel Ponce de León Rosales reported that in situations of public transport (metro, buses, metrobus, light rail, etc.), markets, shops or rows, it will be necessary to prioritise the use of face cloths starting today.

The also coordinator of the Commission College to the Attention of the Emergency Coronavirus added that must be used with the sanitary precautions duebut without neglecting personal hygiene, washing of hands and the so-called sneeze etiquette.

However, asked the citizenship to avoid the purchase and use of N95 masksas for the time being will be exclusive for the use of medical personnel assigned to tasks of fight against the coronavirus, so that we should not contribute to their shortage.

In addition, he recalled that the measure is only for people who are forced to leave homebut the best option is to make the case of the health emergency and to the extent possible, stay home to reduce transmission of the virus classified as a SARS-CoV-19.

“We are facing a challenge egregious, perhaps we will never have another mayor, let us strive to the maximum to get ahead, ” he said.

The specialist warned that “we are in the last minute to not come so late with the preventive measures the inexorable appointment with the pandemic”, and therefore respect the period of emergency, established until 29 April 2020, is a task of great relevance.

He noted, however, that in the case of having that rare for some of the face cloths, it is possible to manufacture it from home with different types of scarves or fabrics. “It will always be a better protection than having nothing in the situations we have described”, agregró.

For the situation of the hospitals, Ponce de Leon, also holder of the University Program of Research in Health (PUIS) of the UNAM, said that when you enter into a phase of high contagiousness -forecast for mid-April-, it will be necessary that “the administrative areas responsible for procurement and distribution to supply the personal protective equipment to the areas hospital must provide to all groups of material sufficient in quality and quantity”.

The numbers of infections by coronaviruses in Mexico continue to rise. Within the last cut of the Secretariat of Health (Ssa), presented in a press conference from the National Palace, it was revealed that already added 1,688 confirmed cases of COVID-19, in addition to the 60 deaths caused by the damage that causes the disease in the body.

Also, it was informed that up to now there is a record of 5,398 suspected cases waiting for a result and 8,602 patients were definitely discarded of a possible contagion.

The list of deaths is led by the Mexico city where reported 15 victims. We follow the state of Jalisco and six deaths up to the last report of the 19:00 hours, April 3, as well as the entities of Baja California and Sinaloa with five.

Finally, it was confirmed that health authorities in Mexico, as they prepare for a new phase in the scale of infections. It is expected that our country enters the Phase 3 in mid-April. At the moment it has not been confirmed if there will be an extension of the quarantine.

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