The Valencian community will begin receiving influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations during the week of October 16

Valencian communities to start vaccinations Influenza and COVID-19 for the week of October 16 As the Minister of Health confirmed this Friday, starting with vulnerable, immunosuppressed and high-risk patients, Marciano Gomez.

According to government reports, Gomez chaired a meeting of the Castro Provincial Hospital Management Committee on Friday and the lawmaker made the statement in response to a reporter’s question.

Asked about the vaccination schedule, he said the inter-regional committee was due to meet next Tuesday to “unify vaccination standards” and stressed that communities would go into the meeting “done their homework”.

“We will start vaccinating Coronavirus and influenza for the week of October 16-23 From a health and epidemiological perspective, we will start with vulnerable, immunocompromised and high-risk patients,” he assured.

He pointed out that “the new coronavirus is a viral pathology that is here to stay,” and after recognizing that there would be a flu-like peak, he emphasized that “in the last week, the situation has stabilized.”

Regarding the presence of the new vaccine, he noted that it was at Tuesday’s meeting that the vaccination criteria were merged.

“The citizens of the Valencian community will have the best vaccine on the market and be able to be immunized in the best possible way, but for this we must follow the policies of the Ministry of Health, since the vaccine guidelines are set by this ministry,” he concluded. .

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