The Video is untrue on its head? Fatigue is by kissing another man


After a 10-year relationship, and in the midst of rumors about an the crisis of the couplecalled the Video kissing a man who most definitely is not Gerard Pique. As you might expect, it has been suggested that the singer would be unfaithful to the father of her two children.

For the past several months, it is said that colombia’s 43-year-old, the attacking midfielder, 33, have a problem. Even if they say that they are on the verge of separation and divorce. However, they are the following it will show you how one of the families in the most beautiful and most stable of the show.

The rumors of a distance if you reavivaron after the presentation of the Video in the middle of the time of the The Super Bowl In 2020.

On that same day, the 2nd of February, as much of it as Chop met years ago and kept in the miles awayhe had been playing a game of football Barcelona. In addition, they congratulated him or themselves there is no message by means of social networking.

Now to circulate some of the photos where it appears on Video passionately kissing a mysterious man, while you are immersed in the water.

I mean…

If you have been to the interpreter ‘She-wolf’ goes on mexican actor for those who don’t say their name, and that this would be the one in the picture.

Of course, the fans of the world, were at the the defense and they have a number of theories to explain this picture:

1. It is not Shakira’s

Now that the photo has not been taken very close up and it is not very clear, it is possible that in the case of a the other girl is pretty like to name a few.

2. This is an old photo

Didn’t they say with certainty when and where it was taken off the picture. In addition to that, the man kissing the colombian has a certain similarity to the Antonio de la RĂșathe ex-boyfriend of the Option. Keep in mind that she has maintained a love affair with the argentine for the past 10 years, and she broke up with him in 2010, and to the floor with a Chop.

3. This is a music video for the song

Perhaps this is the explanation of the least popular among the fans of the star. They say that these images correspond to the write the video for the theme ‘I Like It’, who plays with the Anuel AA.

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Up to now, neither the Video or the game against racing Santander did the statements in relation to the suspect’s photo. The fact is, the more likely it is that you do not say anything, because they would prefer to be very reserved in her private life, as well their children: Milan7 years ago, and She5.

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