The video of Amanda Cerny in the bed that breaks records: Get Neymar likes!


We already knew all that, we continued with eyes of the lamb the life and work of Amanda Cerny after the staging of his friend Lele Pons on the occasion of Halloween to your answer, the video that putting the lace to the other comedian was not going to take.

And is that in this war of who is who or with who laughs one more, Lele and Amanda they are very few in votes, and any false move can trigger a flight of the faithful in search of the other comedian, go fight!

In costumes impossible and something of skin and curves it has based the tactical Pons with good results, the offensive of Cerny has come in the form of a video that promises and it seems to have all the winning.

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Fun fact – I’m a black belt

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That girl Playboy has set in how difficult it is to make a bed has his grace and may seem bland, but place a bottom sheet over a mattress requires technique, experience, and a lot of patience. And so it shows in a humorous way.
That if you feed the sheet by a corner and escapes by the other, and that if, when you almost think you have the piece of cloth it seems to come to life and squirm in the center of the mattress, the more pure and raw reality in the key of humor of the hand of the beauty of the truth, and that is oddly enough one you can laugh at seeing Amanda Cerny in bed!


It is expected a contrataque the fear on the part of your ‘ex’ friend and new adverse to re-start the never-ending story between these two.

The thing is that they have not noticed that we like almost the same and that we have no intention of committing to one or the other, beyond them.