The video of Lili Reinhart messing up each take with a laugh that Cole Sprouse is not doing you much grace


Lili Reinhart is going through a hard time. In addition of being in quarantine alone, your precious companion Milo, and his dog, has been attacked by another dog and both are still recovering from the scare.

Now the young actress wanted to share a little joy with her fans by posting a wonderful video of the shooting of ‘Riverdale‘behind the scenes “to enjoy it”.

“Behind the scenes of the Episode Music of Riverdale”, presents.

I had to record this moment of us singing the part of Wicket Little Town… Skeet singing made me laugh, I couldn’t help it. The camera was walking away from me after my first sentence to not be able to see me after that.”

In the video, the actors try several shots of the scene, and in each a Lili tries not to laugh but ends up being inevitable, infecting others as well. Included Cole Sprousethat is between fun and frustrated on the back.

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