The video that makes many believe that Justin Bieber mistreats his wife

A disturbing video of Justin Bieber that went viral in recent days infuriated his audience. The Canadian singer was filmed arguing with his wife after giving a show on Saturday night. In the footage, Bieber can be seen yelling an aggressive gesture at his partner, Hailey Bieber, as fans surround them both. However, some fans who were at the venue, assured that the artist was not angry and that, in reality, it was the adrenaline of the aftershow.

Over the weekend, Bieber gave a show in Las Vegas accompanied by DJ and producer Diplo. As he left, the artist walked a red carpet, surrounded by security guards and accompanied by his wife. As can be seen in the recorded images, as the couple walks to leave the place, fans scream with excitement at seeing the singer, who is very involved in a particular conversation with her.

The video, which went viral on Twitter and Instagram in recent days, shows the singer waving his hands while talking to Hailey. The gesture undoubtedly seems to be one of anger: in addition to the movement of his arms, the singer carries an expression of fury on his face, as both walk towards the exit of the place where Bieber performed.

“I wasn’t screaming, we were there witnessing the situation,” one of the vocalist’s fans wrote on Twitter. “It was all adrenaline from the show,” he justified. “I recorded Justin just before that video was taken. He was playing live, this was pure adrenaline after the show,” wrote another fan who manages the @biebsclubhouse account. “I wasn’t angry at Hailey and I wasn’t yelling at her. I hate how they always paint him as the bad guy when he’s the farthest away,” he added.

Days ago, Bieber starred in a very particular situation with his fans. A group of fans of the singer who waited outside his house to see him had a unique experience, but not for the positive: the Canadian confronted them, upset that he had been approached while returning home. While fans asked for photos, autographs and hugs, Bieber politely turned them down.

“I hear you, I really hear you, but this is my home; it’s where I live,” he said with serious expression and said, “I don’t appreciate you being here, guys, you could be anywhere except in my home.” Before the silence of his fans, extremely surprised, the singer continued to express his discomfort. “Did you see that place you come to after a long day and relax?” she asked a young woman who was in the place: “This is the space where I do that, so I would appreciate if they could let me do it,” she insisted.


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