The VIDEO where Yanet García assumed the buttocks of a heart attack


It is fairly well-known, the popularity and evolution of the conductive regiomontana Yanet Garcia has had on the internet in recent years. This is due to a myriad of items, among which are the admiration that you have for your own body (that boasts constantly) and the interaction that manages with his millions of users in networks sociaodigitales.

For this reason, decided to reward these with a video on his Instagram, account enjoying a stunning popularity. In this video, we look at the northern in a brutal way by performing a exercise routine that left an impression on more than a follower. It is worth mentioning the love that Yanet Garcia has with the exercise, which assumed day-to-day.

Today, the once ‘Girl from the Weather‘ he returned to Todayprogram that maximized his run of impressive form. This, of course, brought a host of positive comments towards the driver, as many of his followers looked forward to the return to television one of the influencers more positioned on the internet.

Yanet Garcia has also elevated his status in networks then share constantly your exercise routines. These, it should be noted, help to better functioning of the body and to a health, both physical and mental, because sometimes the driver shows his competitive spirit with the agility of brain that has always been.