The viral video of Justin Bieber yelling at Hailey Bieber at a Las Vegas club

Since last weekend, a video of Justin Bieber in which he apparently yells at his wife, the model Hailey Bieber after leaving a club in Las Vegas, it has gone viral. The singer had just finished performing at the presentation event of the tequila 818 of Kendall Jenner and, on the way out, escorted by bodyguards, a lot of fans witnessed and recorded the controversial scene.

The video shows the 27-year-old Canadian idol gesturing very effusively and with a more than vehement expression, as if he were having a heated argument with his wife, 24.

The image has generated all kinds of speculation, although witnesses say that what is seen in the video is not what it seems.

First deletion

The video was first uploaded to TikTok but, after getting a million views, was deleted at the request of Justin’s fans, who consider it unfair that the ‘Yummy’ singer is said to be treating Hailey badly.

The clip in question then appeared on Twitter, running like foam again.

The ball has become so big that it has now come out a witness to explain what really happened there. This is user @biebsclubhouse, who has recounted the story in a thread: “I wasn’t screaming, we were there to witness what happened. It was all adrenaline. It doesn’t matter what it ‘looks like’. Don’t spread false information about someone, especially when you say it’s ‘what it looks like’. That’s defamation. What we’re not going to do is treat Justin like an abuser just for a five-second video. You should have seen how that man protected Hailey when the crowd started to get bigger and bigger as they walked around the hotel.”

The same fan also uploaded another video with Bieber’s performance, giving it his all.

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Bieber and Hailey, married at the New York civil registry in 2018, and by the church in South Carolina a year later, were among the many celebrities who attended the event, which included the singer’s appearances. Anitta; of the couple formed by Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly; of the actress Ariel Winter, from ‘Modern Family’, and the actor Jaleel White known for bringing Urkle to life in ‘House Things’.


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