The visit of the Asproflor delegation to Evreux for the Les Carrés Fleuris exhibition was a great success.

The trip of the Asproflor delegation, together with some representatives of the municipalities of Bellaria-Igea Marina, Casale Monferrato and Spello, to the gardening event was a great success. “Le Carres Fleury” in Evreux in Normandy. Visit it was an opportunity to admire the exhibits
created in the city, and participate in exchanges and discussions regarding flowers and public greenery.

September 5 and 6 delegation Asproflor Floral municipalities headed by the vice president Franco Colombanotook part in the 17th event”Les Carres Fleury“, which took place in Evreux in Normandy. The event provided an opportunity to exchange views and compare the French reality regarding the care and attention to greenery and flowers in municipal areas.

In addition to the Asproflor delegation, there were: advisor Adele Ceccarelli and agronomist Ilaria Vacceri municipality Bellaria-Igea Marinaadvisor Cecilia Strozzi From Casale MonferratoMayor of Spello Moreno Landrini and Pro Loco President Spello Fabrizio De Santis.

Participants had the opportunity to admire the impressive installations created in the city of Evreux, as well as take part in some learning moments and discussions with administrators, companies, technology horticultural sector and experts from different universities.

At an event that takes place every year in a different city Francein addition to the French municipalities included in the “Ville and Village of Fleury“, Italy was the only host country thanks to partnerships between Asproflor and the company Grains Volzsponsor of the event.

At the end of his visit to the French city, Mayor Euro Guy LefrandEnvironment and Public Spaces Advisor and Director Thierry Mamola Graines Voltz presented certificates of honor to three invited Italian cities.

Explains the President of Asproflora Sergio Ferraro: “French experience has taught us
that to achieve the results we have seen and admired, all parties involved must contribute: policywith the participation of all ministries involved, associations of producers and tradersof whom there are too many in our country and they are still too divided, young factory companies They information bodies sector and so on. I don’t hide it
Short-term goal of Asproflor: what from hold a similar event in Italy

“This is the journey proposed by Asproflora “Blooming Municipalities” allowed us to learn about the ways and investments in urban greening also made by other cities and share
with administrators attentive to best environmental practices experience And difficulty that occur in everyday life – the advisor comments Adele Ceccarelli municipality
Bellaria-Igea MarinaA competent presentation of the arrangement of flower beds and the thoughts underlying their choice are very interesting. The physical location in an urban area allowed us to capture more ideas than an exhibition in a children’s area.. We also had the opportunity promote our city also from a tourist point of view, offering the land of Romagna as a destination to live and where to stay.”

“Interesting experience of cooperation between government agencies and industry companies
horticultural sector for research Aexcellent quality of life through the best
urban decor They floral decorations. Thanks to Asproflor for this additional opportunity shared with other Italian municipalities.“continues the mayor of Spello Moreno Landrini and the president of Pro Loco Fabrizio De Santis.

Finally the advisor concludes Cecilia Strozzi From Casale Monferrato: “I am extremely pleased with my participation in this international event, which contributed to incredible exchange of opinions and points of view. This was a unique opportunity for grow AND study high-level professionals who have contributed to strengthening the international network working towards the same goal. The magnificent city of Évreux, which welcomed us, has embellished an initiative that has given so much and can still give so much.”

Asproflor brings together Italian horticultural producers to promote the image of Italian floriculture, green tourism and the role of flowers in the daily life of the city. It is an independent and autonomous association that cooperates with members, organizations, trade unions and politicians who want to contribute to the development of Italian floriculture through the consumption of plants and flowers; supports Italian municipal administrations, even the smallest ones, in improving public spaces with suitable colors; extends responsibility and sensitivity to public and private green spaces.

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