The voice of Lionel Messi’s bodyguard is heard and sparks unexpected reactions online

Lionel Messi Since he came to America to change history, he is no longer alone. inter miami and Major League Soccer. Every time he goes out to campus or goes on an outing with family and friends, someone is watching over him. Yassin Chokoa former North American Army soldier.

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Yassin Chukor even made sure Messi was in good shape during the game.this is normal Saw him running to the side of the playing fieldOn the wing, always at the height of Inter Miami’s Argentina captain.This makes him a recognized figure Loved by fans around the world.

There are hundreds of photos and videos on social networks of bodyguards with Messi, or even alone, but His voice had never been heard so clearly. Until this Friday.

“I’m not the most famous”

twitter account @M30Xtra posted a video in which you can hear him speak perfectly with a reporter who asked for a photo. “He takes care of the best people in the world, he takes care of Leo and he takes care of me. Argentina is most famous for you“, the reporter told him. “I’m not the most famous”replied with a smile, Yassine Cheuko.

In the replies to the tweet, many netizens said They emphasized a detail illuminated The bodyguard smiled, something he didn’t usually do at work: “He was very humble” and “He seemed very calm and friendly”are some comments.

Who is Messi’s bodyguard?

his name is Yassin Choko This is a former us army soldier.The man’s age is unknown and is part of the body Marines and fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Apart from, Cheuko is an expert in martial arts, kickboxing and boxing and has participated in many MMA competitions.. His Instagram account is filled with photos of him training, as well as several videos of different minor league games in the sport.

Leo Messi and his bodyguard Yassin Chuko.

Messi’s bodyguard began to gain notoriety on social networks, when several fans noticed The muscular lad accompanies the Argentinian everywhere. In addition to taking care of him during games, Chuco is always close to the Inter Miami player and can even be seen clinging to him when he goes to the supermarket.

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