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The Walking Dead Michonne PC Game Download Full Version

The Walking Dead series, in a short time since its appearance, gained enormous popularity and a large group of fans practically all over the world. It started with comics that gained the attention of the movie world. When a television series based on it was prepared a few years ago, the world literally went crazy about it. The vision of a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity has been almost completely annihilated and the remaining handful of survivors are desperately fighting for survival is nothing new. In The Walking DeadHowever, such a vision was presented in a really unique and very dark way, additionally embellished with a sensational plot. As a result, the enormous success of this series should not surprise anyone. Just like the fact that on the wave of this popularity, many computer games were quickly created, taking the player to this unique world and presenting the fate of the heroes known from the series and comics. Every fan of this universe should now find a website offering The Walking Dead Michonne Download on the Internet , because this title is one of the best offers of this type in 2016.

The Walking Dead Michonne PC Game Download Full Version

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Game The Walking Dead Michonne was prepared by the studio Telltale Games – the developer was also responsible for the creation of the previous section referring to the universe TWD. As before, also here we are dealing with an adventure game in which it is primarily about solving puzzles and moving the entire story forward. The game presents the fate of Michonne, one of the most important and undoubtedly the most interesting characters in the comic. Its plot is set at a specific point in the story in the comic, but it describes things that have not been fully explained before. The players learn why Michonne broke away from the main group at one point and what happened during her absence. Therefore, if someone is closely following the story presented in the comic, he should definitely find a website offering The Walking Dead Michonne Download on the Internet , because the game explains a lot here.

The Walking Dead Michonne (A Telltale Games Mini-Series) is not the first game set in the TWD universe . This title is intended rather for fans of comics or series. We will not meet here with dynamic action or spectacular graphics – although the title looks really interesting from the visual side. Instead, we have a story told, which allows us to delve into the world of comics and the series even more thoroughly, and to get to know the stories of individual characters better. Michonne is one of The Walking Dead’s most popular characters for a reason. A mysterious warrior who wields a perfect Japanese sword, whose history was a great mystery for fans from the very beginning. Now everyone has the opportunity to learn many interesting details about her life before the apocalypse begins.

If someone is a fan of the TWD universe , he must find The Walking Dead Michonne Download in the network and download this game as soon as possible, because it is a very important supplement to the entire plot presented in the comics and the series. The game itself is very interesting and addictive. We get here a well-prepared adventure game in which the main goal is to perform simple tasks and push the whole story forward.

The Walking Dead Michonne PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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