The Weeknd: 5 things you might not know about the artist

Weekendalias Abel Makkonen TesfayeBorn in 1990, Canadian singer-songwriter, producer and actor of Ethiopian origin, who during his career has collected: four Grammy Awardeighteen Billboard Music Awardsfive American Music Awardsfour MTV Video Music AwardsThirteen Juno Award, A MTV Europe Music Awards and received annex to Academy Awards for the song Earned for movie soundtrack Fifty Shades of Gray.

He can boast mention of TIME which placed him among the most influential personalities of 2020. His music, which ranges from alternative R&B to pop, from rap to commercials, is appreciated all over the world and his hits such as Wicked Games, The Zone, The Hills, Can’t Feel My Face, Starboy, Blinding Lights and Save Your Tears they prove it!

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On the other hand, his acting skills seem to be less appreciated and his character on the HBO series is hated on social media. Idol who sees him as the main character along with Lily Rose Depp.

In his personal life, his relationships with now ex-girlfriends were discussed. Bella Hadid (supermodel and businesswoman) e Selena Gomez (pop star, actress and entrepreneur), the muse of some of his most famous songs.

On July 26 and 27, the artist arrives in Milan for two unforgettable stages of his Tour “Non-working until dawn”. Both dates have been sold out for months and the anticipation is high. Based on the dates already set, this is an impressive tour that also includes a collection of commemorative NFTs thanks to the partnership with Binance. The Weeknd will also a long path separating the stalls, complete with a giant silver statue. And that is not all. During the performance, the singer will be wearing mask. In the end, pyrotechnic effects AND play of light make the show absolutely unique.

By the way, after listing the most famous facts, here are 5 things you might not know about him:


there was already a Canadian band called “The Weekend” and the artist wanted to avoid trademark and copyright issues. Because his first name “Abel” was too close to him, he chose an easily recognizable stage name, but dropped the vowel to avoid conflicts of interest with colleagues. For him, the nickname is significant and represents a bold move made at 17: “I left one weekend and never came home” (I left one weekend and never came home again).


The manager of world famous rapper Drake, a fellow Canadian artist like The Weeknd, stumbled across a series of his YouTube videos that at the time depicted an aspiring and unknown singer struggling with some decent unpublished work. The talent did not go unnoticed, so much so that Drake offered to buy half of these songs and include them on his album. Take care. The Weeknd later agreed, stating “I was hungry so I said ‘take whatever you want'”. In addition to allegedly earning a significant amount of money, The Weeknd also got the opportunity to perform with Drake, thus gaining worldwide exposure and a huge new fan base.


Some say it means “hugs and kisses” (xoxo), while others think the initials stand for ecstasy and oxycodone. Judging by some of the lyrics that mention the record company, the second option is definitely more likely and less stylistic than the first. “Gossip”.


Michael Jackson! The two have a similar timbre of voice, and often The Weeknd, especially at the beginning of his career, endured the brunt of the confrontation with the peerless legend. He never missed an opportunity to praise her with covers, one of which is the song. Dirty Diana which, no doubt, inspired him for the sensual and provocative style of his songs.


Do you remember the “double mullet of fear” that made him iconic early in his career?

The Weeknd chose this particular look to be different and recognizable, but then when he achieved fame and admitted that this hair was not exactly comfortable when he slept, he decided to take a break.

Looks like he kept that hair there. We have no way of knowing if he wants to keep them to be exhibited in a museum in the future, or simply as a reminder of the steps he took to get to where he arrived.

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