The Weeknd is lighting up the city of Monterrey with his exciting “After Hours Til Dawn” tour.

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La Noche de Ayer El BBVA Bancomer Stadium one of the best events of the year took place here – the Abel Tesfaye concert, best known as Weekendnext numbers Apodaca Group indicates that the event was attended by more than 55 thousand people present.

Monterrey is the first city Abel visits during his Latin American tour, which includes Kaytranada y famous producer Mike Dean.

Manufacturer search at 19:00. Mike Dean only on the first beats, for those who are not familiar with this name, Deanis one of the best pop producers hip-hop, trap included current pop musicfor its universal sound with dark colors, he placed him as the creator of the best successes TOany West in his most iconic recordings as Yizuz” th Life of Pablo». Mike he started with an energetic DJ set, a style that would define him. Continue after a few minutes KaytranadaCanadian DJ who continued to entertain throughout the night, Kay He is known for his style house heavily influenced by 90s sounds mixed with mixtapes hip-hopOn the set, the atmosphere in the stadium was harmonious, and the audience present was eagerly waiting to see Tesfaye.

Weekend | September 26 | BBVA Stadium

They were looking at 9:00 p.m. when dancers dressed in white tunics entered and positioned themselves center stage playing the intro. Glorya song sung in duet with Spanish Rosaliamoments later the Canadian took the stage to treat us to his first song Party Monster keep an eye on it Take my breath away th “I can’t Feel my face»songs full of energy that will have everyone dancing.

WeekendHe is a creative individual who loves to conceptualize and express himself in various visual art forms, so one would hope that the tour’s production would be as seen on the European tour, shaped by a script illuminated by color changes that were synchronized with the pulsators. who were carrying gifts, and this was defined by a scene that simulated a dystopian city, perfectly lit by these colored lights, along with a wide panorama positioned right in the middle of the scene, which included the silhouette of a woman. robot created by a plastic artist Harime Sorayama only for actual rotation “After closingat the end of this stage you will meet the symbolic moon, which envelops the concept of its rotation and disk.

Weekend | September 26 | BBVA Stadium

Recapture fan moments from the past with a selection of great songs like this. Kissland, “Crew love» thOften“. Successes that have made him the #1 artist on the platform. Spotify in fact.

The night was young and the fans’ energy increased every time the singer performed a mix of songs more than once. After closing»,»Heartless»,»Big Circus» between others.

If you know that Abel frames his sentimental life in the lyrics of his songs, use the model beautiful Hadid or singer Selena Gomez They inspired their pop dances with such vibrant hues. Die for you”, “Is there anyone else», Evil Games» th Say my name that they cannot fail in their repertoire on any night.

Weekend | September 26 | BBVA Stadium

The time had come to dissipate this great curtain of light and energy, the tracks that closed the show were already playing. Kripin», PopulationR” th A moth to the flame.”

After attending this show it became as well known as it is. Weekend Today, he has performed as one of the top showmen, starring at more than two festivals such as Coachella. His musical style and versatility is matched by his visual aesthetics and concepts that come to the present in this magnetic and dark environment that only one can create through his music.

No doubt, royal fans were looking forward to witnessing this unforgettable experience.

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The Weeknd is lighting up the city of Monterrey with his exciting “After Hours Til Dawn” tour.


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