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After a hangover over two concert-events that AbelWeekendTesfaye The Indie For Bunnies competition, which took place last July in Milan, is the time to celebrate your ascension among the greats of pop through the TOP 10 Songs. Actually, no other artist over the past few years has managed to soar on the Olympus of the musical mainstream. Tesfaye. His “Afterhours” was a game changer, (metaphorically) giving way to a resurgence of sound (the 80’s matrices) still in vogue.

BONUS TRACK: Nothing beats
2020, from “Late Late”

The initial dark carpet of synths shouldn’t be misleading, “Nothing Compares” is one of the band’s oldest high school songs. Weekend. As if prince created a beat for Michael Jackson. After all, we are talking about two totems Tesfaye.

10. Gasolines
2022, from Dawn FM

Opening track “Dawn FM”, younger brother of “Afterhours”. It’s hard to replicate the (resounding) success of “Blinding Lights” and “In Your Eyes”, in fact he partially succeeded. However “Gasoline” is one of the most interesting songs. Song about V weekendsomewhat reminiscent of dfalcons (“Rock me, Amadeus,” remember?).

9. Can’t feel my face
2015, from Beauty Behind Madness

One of the most explicit tracks of the old Abel. The text, in fact, refers to his connection with drugs. Musically it’s the same as Jaxonian ever heard all over the world. “Can’t Feel My Face” is also the first, really pass From Weekend to that planetary success that would lead him to perform a few years later on the Super Bowl halftime show.

8. Secrets
2016, from “Starboy”

Sampling part of The Pale Vault Tears of fearas well as a quote from the chorus of “Talking In Your Sleep” by romance.

7. Say my name
2018, from Dear Melancholy

The melancholic mood of one of the most iconic and intense songs in the band’s discography. Tesfaye. The part that stands out in an EP full of gems.

6. Wanderlust
2013, from The Land of Kisses

A track that references (often) the Dutch “Precious Little Diamond”. fox fox, “Wanderlust” begins with an instant and recognizable guitar riff. The deluxe version of the album features a remix made by Pharrell Williams.

5. Blinding lights
2020, from “Late Late”

“Thriller” of the 1920s. And not because of how it sounds, but because of the impact it had. A piece that would make the perfect soundtrack for a Las Vegas bravado night, as well as the theme song for a modern day Miami Vice. Everything has already been said and written about Blinding Lights. We confine ourselves to highlighting the strong influence she still continues to have in musical show business productions.

4. Starboy
2016, from “Starboy”

Last collaboration from these sacred gods Daft Punk. For Weekendcircle closure. The perfect manifesto for a (almost) perfect but (too) underrated album. Video among the most beautiful stars of Scarborough.

3. Hills
2015, from Beauty Behind Madness

If you dig around the internet, you’ll find conflicting opinions about the fifth track “Beauty Behind The Madness”. There are those who idolize it to the bitter end, and those who, even eight years after its publication, can barely tolerate its existence. We do not idolize him, but we recognize his (great) modernity of sounds and sharpness memorable choir.

2. Evil games
2012, from “House of Balloons”

Abel Tesfaye and his EP trilogy. The artist’s raw splendor (at the time) is still in the making. “Evil Games” became the first thunder Weekend in the golden sky of pop music. And what thunder! Wide recognition of viewers and critics, as well as participation in the soundtrack to the film “Lefty” directed by Antoine Fuqua.

1. High level for this
2012, from “House of Balloons”

The first piece ever recorded by a pop star. A worthy opening to his debut EP “House Of Balloons”. There was no flashing spotlight yet, no gossip about real or imagined flirting. He probably didn’t exist yet. V weekend. One Abelhis dreams and his producer friend, Henry “Cirkut” Walter.

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