The Weird Trick for Avoiding Companions in Adjacent Seats on a Plane

One content creator on TikTok is known for sharing tips he uses while traveling to keep adjacent seats free on planes.O_O Whoa, eagle! ! !

In this viral video, more than 5 million views@mikewdavis shows how to achieve this no passengers Occupy the seat next to you during the flight.

His strategy is to sit in the aisle seat and invite other passengers occupy two places The location closest to the window, follows a “foolproof” strategy of staring at people while slapping on their seats. «why are you staring at me«, they will be amazed after what they have experiencedcurious eyes‘.

Although this method may seem Unconventional, the result was surprising, as several people passed by the user, but no one accepted his offer. 😉

User has commented the technology they use Flights without assigned seats.”When you see them approaching you, you cough loudly and constantly,” said one girl. «I put my youngest son Takes two seats, so I prevent them from sitting,” another Davis follower added. Tips for every taste! ! !

(Photo: @mikewdavis – TIKTOK)

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