The WhatsApp trick to know if someone who does not use the double blue tilde read your message

WhatsApp, the most used messaging app in the world, allows its users to know whether or not another contact read your messages by means of the double blue tilde. Of course, this can’t be done if that person disables that feature, though there is a way around that barrier.

The Meta platform (formerly Facebook) since 2014 offers the option to mark messages as read with the two blue checkmarks. Before it had two grays, indicating that the message had been received. But if a person set it to not mark chats as read, we have an option to know if you read a message: add it to a group and follow certain steps.

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How to know if those who do not use the blue ticks have read our messages

  • on whatsapp, create a new group with friends, family or contacts with whom we want to do this test
  • Send a message to that group
  • After a while, select that message we sent, click on the three points “options” and choose Info.
  • there we can see if a person read the message and at what time. The option also indicates who received the chat but have not yet read it.
The WhatsApp trick to know if someone who does not use the double blue tilde read your message

Until a few months ago, there was another trick to find out if someone had read a message: send an audio. The double blue tick appeared on the sender if it was played. But this changed last year and voicemails can now be heard without the telltale double tilde.

Turn read receipt on or off

  • In WhatsApp go to Settings → Account
  • In Privacy disable the “Read Receipts” option
  • Disabling this works for us too: we won’t send read receipts but we won’t receive them either
The option to disable read receipts.
The option to disable read receipts.

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