The ‘White Lines’ Season 2 – release Date and all we know of the series from Netflix


The ‘White Lines’ has been one of the successes Netflix in this 2020 despite the fact that the platform did not give the feeling to spend the same advertising efforts that other of their releases. Regular presence in the Top 10 of the company since its premiere, has not yet been made official renewal for a second season, but there are plenty of signs that point to that is a mere formality.

In fact, Andy, Harriet, head, Left Bank Pictures, the producers behind the ‘White Lines’, he commented in a talk with Deadline the initial plan was that the series had three seasons. We’ll see if they get it, but by the time we are going to review everything we know so far of this second season Netflix has yet to officially announce.

Why are you giving it as a virtually safe

Axel Collins

The name of Tom Rhys Harries sure to some I do not it sounds, but it is the actor who plays Axel Collins in the first season, since he was the one who made it clear that he already was actively working on the second season in an interview LADbible:

I know that there is a reconnaissance mission for the second season; they are looking for places, and when you do, it was happening before the global pandemic (…) I Think we’d all be happy to come back and visit the world of Álex Pina again.

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The story

Image White Lines

Solved the mystery around the murder of Axel Collins, the great pathway that has the second season is to explore this great rivalry between the two families of the crime’s most powerful Ibiza ‘White Lines’. In the first season spends a bit of tip-toeing by this enmity between the Martinez and the Calafatit seems that the bet is more logical, especially if we remember that the character played by Juan Diego Botto comes to say that it is time to return the attacks, but multiplying it by 10.

The cast

Boxer White Lines

What is more likely is that all the protagonists recur in a greater or lesser extent. The big question is that the story of Axel seems to be closed, so that you may spare me the flashbacks and Tom Rhys Harries. Another character that was in the air was a Boxer following his decision to resign as chief of security of the Calafat, but the character played by Nuno Lopes it was the best by far of the first season, so for sure something to think Pina to continue with it.

Beyond them, unlikely it would be not to see again Laura Haddock, Daniel Mays, Marta Milans, Juan Diego Botto, Pedro Casablanc, Belén López, Angela Griffin, Laurence Fox, Tallulah Evans, Ginés García Millán and Fernando Albizu. Yes, sure there will be several new features, and not to dismiss nor a radical renewal in order to tell a story with another cast.

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The shoot

We have already commented before that they were looking for locations for the second season, but nothing more concrete is known about it. The first started his recordings in June 2019 and concluded in October of that same year.

The date for the premiere

Obviously, there is no. If it is not renewed officially, of a release date or talk about. It is worth to take into account is that since it began to roll the first until its premiere, they spent about 11 months, so we’ll still have to wait quite so ‘White Lines’ returns to Netflix with new episodes.

You can see the ‘White Lines’ on Netflix