The White Lotus, how to watch all episodes in streaming

The White Lotus is a black comedy formed by two seasons of six episodes each produced by HBO and that is now available to stream on NOW. You can subscribe thanks to new offer for only 3 euros and immediately access all the contents.

The series, created, written and directed by Mike Whitefollows a group of people who meet at a luxury resort in Hawaii, where they begin to discover each other’s secrets.

The White Lotus: Stream the new hit black comedy

Described as a social satire tackling the themes of privilege, race and class, exploring the intersections between them, The White Lotus boasts a cast made up of actors such as Connie Britton, Steve Zahn, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario and Murray Bartlett.

The series addresses provocatively the contemporary issues related to white privilege and racial inequality exploiting the luxury resort setting as a sort of microcosm of society, highlighting the complexity of social relationships and the struggle for power and control.

The show has received received very positive reviews from critics for a product that is sure to make you laugh, think and possibly piss you off.

You can watch all the episodes in streaming on NOW, by subscribing now for only 3 euros to the Entertainment package which includes, among other things, the TV series of The Last of Us.

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