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Scrolling through TikTok, it’s easy to stumble upon girls who come up with mostly unbelievable “looks”, which, however, always have a keystone: a white tank top. In particular, the ribbed model, the same white tank top, which unifies as #cleangirl, who languished in front of blond curls last year Matilda Jerf as a creative raver who goes from tank tops to headache ensembles in 2023 @subwaysessionswho’s been trolling the outraged August for weeks now with “love or judge lol” looks, as his prophetic biography puts it.

The white jersey that Jane Birkin wore Je t’aime my non plus (1976 film), Kate Moss in a 1990s Calvin Klein commercial, all the men who made film and television history, and the lesbian men who appropriated them to subvert their aesthetic. The white tank top that opened Mathieu Blazy’s debut show in February 2022 at Bottega Veneta and closed the Prada fall/winter 2022 show, worn by Kaia Gerber; the white jersey, which is the “white jersey” for the papers reviewing the paparazzi of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, two of the most outspoken ambassadors for the comeback of this particular garment, the “beat wife” for everyone else, and “Marseille”. “for the French. The white jersey, which is predominantly working class, in short, the symbol of all Hollywood mafiosi and therefore of all Italians, who are actually on the other side of the world, in real Italy, tried to get rid of him, because he was old-fashioned, working, unrefined.

The undershirt then looked like wooden clogs, rebranded as must-haves for many years, or like “Mexican”, now they are cool in the face of my aunt, who spent the summer preventing her husband from appearing in public in these flip-flops. feet are plastic. However, there was always more to the undershirt: meanwhile, his enduring imagination that spanned decades and meanings, from a symbol of the most traditional masculinity to a strange mainstay, gaudy and androgynous, popular and sophisticated, intersecting in spite of himself . Consequently, he singled out a role among the essentials of the wardrobe, respecting his original function, namely, freeing his hands so as not to interfere with movements. So it has become the staple of styles and people very different from each other, but they all have in common a tank top that leaves the neck and arms in front of others, a piece of clothing that is sexy, visceral, in its own way. albeit elitist (the body-positive bubble has burst, who wants to bare their arms unless they are perfectly toned or muscular?), but even in the end it is nothing more than a T-shirt, and maybe just pajamas, if only because you find him in a decent cotton to accompany this summer’s long tropical nights in complete climate crisis.

T-shirts under linen shirts are perfect for fresh looks to post with the hashtag #eurosummer, T-shirts from sellers in the markets in the cities of Southern Italy (any south of the world, to be honest) catch the eye of the dreamy eyes of dumb tourists who every place lives as an opportunity for photos, T-shirts that expose the collarbones of those who are ready for the expected return of thinness in ageOzempic, T-shirts that are worn with shaved and unshaven armpits, because at least they stopped arguing about it, everyone does what they want. Tank tops, the real advantage of which, if you look closely, is that they have sex, they have summer wherever they are: these days this is a rarity.

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