The Witcher 3, volume two from July 27 on Netflix: trailer

Netflix released a trailer for the film Volume 2 from third season From The Witcherfamous fantasy series about the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill. The epic conclusion to the third season will consist of three episodes and will be available from July 27 in all countries where the service operates.

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As the continent’s monarchs, wizards and beasts vie to capture her, Geralt takes Ciri into hiding, determined to protect his newly reunited family from those who threaten to destroy them. Entrusted with Ciri’s magical training, Yennefer leads them to the protected fortress of Arethusa, where she hopes to learn more about the girl’s untapped powers; Instead, they find themselves caught in a battlefield of political corruption, dark magic, and betrayal. They must react, put everything on the line, or risk being lost forever.

Showrunner and Executive Producer – Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.

The film was directed by Stephen Surjik, Ganja Monteiro, Loni Perister and Bola Ogun, and written by Mike Ostrowski, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Tanya Lotia, Hayley Hall, Matthew D’Ambrosio, Claire Higgins, Ray Benjamin and Troy Dangerfield.

The series was filmed in England, Italy, Wales, Croatia, Slovenia and Morocco and produced by Tera Vale Ragan, Veselin Karadzhov and Sasha Harris. Steve Gaub, Matt O’Toole, Mike Ostrowski, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Platige Films (Tomek Baginski and Jarek Sawko), Hivemind Content (Jason Brown and Sean Daniel) also executive produce.

Throw: Henry Cavill (Geralt of Rivia) Anya Chalotra (Yennefer of Vengerberg) Freya Allan (Princess Cirilla of Cintra), Joey Baty (Buttercup), Mianna Buring (Tissaia), Eamon Farren (Cahir), Mimi M. Haysa (Fringilla), Royce Pierson (Istredd), Anna Shaffer (Triss Merigold) Messiah Simson (Francesca) Tom Canton (Filavandrel), Mahesh Jadu (Vilgefortz), Graham McTavish (Dijkstra), Cassie Claire (Philippa), Hugh Skinner (Radovid), Wilson Mbomyo (I’ll give) Lars Mikkelsen (Stregobor), Terence Maynard (Artorius), Simon Callow (Codringer), Liz Carr (Fenn) Terika Wilson-Reed (Sabrina) Safia Ingar (Kira), Rochelle Rose (Margarita), Michalina Olshanska (Marty) Robbie Amell (Gallatin) Jeremy Crawford (Yarpen), Bart Edwards (Emhyr), Aisha Fabien Ross (Lydia), Christel Alvin (Mistletoe) e Meng’er Zhang (Milva).

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